INSANITY FORCE is a Death Grind band formed in 2008 by Shirley Pereira and Jacqueline Silva in São Paulo-SP Brazil, with the goal to play a different sound for loyal lovers of extreme music.

The initial idea was a band formed only by women, but unfortunately the band didn't managed to find a drummer woman who matched the perfect idea and style of our sound. Thus opted to find a drummer who would fit best, regardless of gender. That same year, the band's lineup was: Thaiz Gouveia (v), Shirley (b), Rita (G), Jaqueline (G), Beto Shelzia (B), which remained in the band for about 2 months. After many changes on drummers and output Rita (G) and Thaiz Gouveia (V), in late 2009, the band undergoes renovating again. Shirley takes the vocals and the band decided to stay with only one guitarist.

In 2010 lineup was fixed with Shirley on vocals, Jaqueline on guitar, Tathiana (ex Decried) on bass and Everton (Corporal Sores) on drums. In July of the same year and again changes had to be made to fit a new formation.

2011 the band emerged incorporating more brutality and renewed with a new lineup: Emiliano Borges (ex-di Bread Crumb) on drums and Fernanda (Obitto, ex Gangrene Febrosa) on bass. With this new lineup changes again in August of the same year, the band decided to record the first long awaited EP Called "Resultado de Vingança"
(Result of Vengeace ) recorded at studio Krypta Bestial, which brings together five tracks of pure Death / Grind. In December, one of the founders of the band, Shirley Pereira unfortunately left the group, due to ideological differences. Despite all the 'against-time', the EP was very well accepted by critics receiving numerous positive reviews, attaining at least a month over 1800 downloads in just one Brazilian blog "GRINDCORE GORE DEATH METAL", and also had been reviewd and published in one of the most important international Heavy metal news webzine called "Whiplash".

In 2012, the drummer Emiliano Borges left the band and was right away replaced by Junior M. (Omen / Justabeli) and Jacqueline Silva takes duties on the vocals. With this well formed lineup the band made a successful passage through Argentina playing in 3 cities.
However, the achievements goings becoming more constant ... The INSANITY FORCE won a review special about his work in one of the most respected magazines National Metal on the "ROADIECREW" in Issue # 159 of April.

Also took part in international collections: the Swedish "BLACK PENTACLEKVLT Vl.01 "and also in Thailand and Indonesia" GLORY RECORD COMPILATION ALBUM INDONESIA BRANCH ".

The current lineup includes Jaqueline Silva on guitar and vocals, and international members the next album in 2014.

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Nelson Pascoal(drums) - Fernanda(bass) - Jaqueline(guitar and guttural vocals) -
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Metal / Death Metal / Grindcore

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São Paulo, SP, BR

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