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was formed in 1996 and released several demos before
landing a deal with R.P.P records to release the
"Quest of the Lost Souls" album in 1998 which later went
on to sell over 19,000+ copies across europe and
10,000+ copies in the States. The band has just released
a new album in late 2010 called "Violent Elements"
which has already sold thousands of copies between Japan,
Belgium, France, and America. BTR also release in late 2010
a compilation Called "Old School" which has songs
from earlier demos and compilations the band was on.
BTR is currently working on a new album to be released
sometime in 2012. The music will be sicker and heavier
than ever, and everything you have come to expect
BENEATH THE REMAINS have played shows with bands like
"Hatebreed", "All Out War","Blood for Blood",
"Testament", "warzone","Bioharzard" and more.

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Beneath The Remains
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Metal / Hardcore / Thrash

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Lutz, FL