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A collective effort consisting of a wide variety of styles and influences. We make music for the love of making music nothing more, nothing less... Commercialism, fame and material possessions have no bearing on our hip-hop motives. Certainly we are open to new ideas and positive changes, but would never evolve in a way that would compromise the integrity of our lyrical content. Now days all you see on the television is the same recycled commercial garbage, at least when it comes to hip-hop that is... The true hip-hop heads that are reading this can be confident in the fact that we will not conform to the bullshit that society has deemed popular. Instead we will strive to give you the essential elements and ingredients that the pop culture and everybody with a gimmick has sucked out of this art form.

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Lesson aka PJ, GemStar aka Buck Fif aka oMEGaSTAR, Nemesis aka DBoy, Wun Da Butcher aka Sinista aka T6, Absolute aka AJ aka ALpha, Josh JDot Dorsey & many more.
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Beast Mode Militia
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Hip Hop / Underground / 716

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Jamestown, NY