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Halcion Halo is a Hard Rock band with ties in the Northwest music scene going back to the early nineties.
With roots from industrial, Goth, tribal, metal, punk and grunge.
Blues, beggars, folklore, jail-bait outerwear, hidden passages, and tailored secrets; the steam boiler is leaking emotional bilge water onto the tormented superstructure of a rusted grounded ship along the coast of forgotten dreams.
Ira Garrett, Eric Morlen and Jenson Charnell make up the band of brothers trio - embarked on a musical journey to bring some new life into the Pacific Northwest hard rock scene.
The pillars of heavy music, swinging heavy axes; you'll find a healthy portioning of driven guitar, thundering muddy bass, and solid pounding drums accompanied by the snarling lyrics that leave you contemplating pulling all your cash from your accounts and investing in a hammock on a Mexican beach far from the rest of humanity.
The guys are hard-working, hard-rocking, salt of the earth men looking to put out a killer show, play some downtrodden boozy bluesy rock for the people of the same ilk. They've been dragging their gear from venue to venue, stage to studio, cooler to fridge for the past 20+ years in one band or another and have seen it all from the bright lights to the dark alley.
Adults with responsibilities well beyond the stage these days, the group intends to keep the focus on the quality of the music and their live performance. Out for beers, good times, good friends and the chance to throttle up the machine they make together at a moments notice.
June '2014 -
The band has been hanging back working as many nights a week as they can on a brand new set of music. Already half the new album is recorded at the legendary Seattle studio "Soundhouse"; the group has the complete writings together and are scheduled to head back for the final takes in July.
The group after releasing the album "Wild Heart" in '2013 felt it was time to focus on new tunes as the songs in the album Wild Heart they had been playing for some time as the group evolved with changing musicians. With the band members a solid entity now, it is time they stretch their musical capabilities and bring a new era into of music into their catalog.
The group is working hard to get the new album released in '2014.

Let's talk about the album "Wild Heart" released '2013 -
The Door opens into a reality where the wedding band is only a challenge coin and the heart is better known as a shadow-less mirror baked in the southern sun. Box of Chocolates revels in the hypocrisy of our socially drowned love affair with proving our own worth. Never Stop holds no reign over the reality that won’t let you go every time you stare at the cross. All My Demons knows the truth of torture living in one’s artistic mind waiting for the world to realize the end is never near enough. Fire Engine Red struts through the front door and drops a thousand dollars on the best half hour of its life. Intoxicating found time to turn around and burn another one while tying two more on and fumbling for the keys to her apartment. Diamond Windows stairs out to big deep skies and dares the world to clean out the drawers and read through the newspaper clippings of our own demise. Put You Down spills out the unfinished glass of wine from the stair banister over all of the guests enjoying the free snacks and fake fireplace. Death & Lies is like an old girlfriend that just showed back up at your house while the new girlfriend is making dinner in the kitchen and just she just wants a quick one. And finishing out any night is your un-justified burned and drenching wet black and beating Wild Heart that is only looking for one last thing.

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Jenson Charnell - Vocals, Ira Garrett - Drums, Eric Morlen - Bass
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Halcion Halo
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Rock / Blues / Sexy

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Tacoma, WA
Christy Reedy

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