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Integral Rigor is an Oriental Death Metal band Formed in Iran - Technically made by Reza Rostamian in 2009
Reza started his career since childhood in his hometown (Sari) ; from then he was so into Iranian Traditional Music , so on his Death Metal music has Iranian taste.
In 2005 Reza started his 1st Project with a band named "SAYHE" which the has been disbanded after several Single tracks ;
Single track "Amort" - Released last winter - was a Re-record from one of this singles which had some changes.
After SEYHE,Reza continued his Proffesional Playing beside of teaching guitar till He Decided to make a brand new Oriental Death Metal band.
The goal of Integral Rigor is to open a new window to achieve a new kind of composing in Metal Genre.
The Purpose of this is Important to band and yet it could be useful and make a public Progress in this kind of music to be an Exciting and Energic genre.
Integral Rigor is trying to use Eastern music elements and combining them with the modern composing systems and unlimited music tools so they can entertain and still make audience to think.

The very 1st Integral Rigor's Album released in 2011 Undergroundly in Iran & after selling the recorded CD's ,uploaded for free download.
Reza made the whole album by himself (All Instruments + Vocals). The reason was the fit guys for the band were out of reach and Reza was involved with "Rebel" project so he couldn't find any one good.
After a while there've been some new People whom finally gathered with Reza.

The Band :

Vahid Esfehani 1st enjoyed the band after he knew Reza in "Rebel" and they did some talking.

After that they (Reza & Vahid) were looking for a 2nd guitarist.They ran a few tests and they made it with Edris Abi who they knew him for a long time and he had a history with'em.

So on Nojan Akrami has joined the band for Drums.
started playing since he was 18 years old and he did some works with some bands.
Here are his works below:

Mordab - Into the Mordab - 2006
Phenomenal - Crossing the Dust -2007
Mordab - Darker than Grave - 2008
Mordab - Room No-x - 2012
Born in England and started Drums on his 5th birthday.He is a member of England Drum Academy and he had a few classes with Mike Portnoy,Steeve Gadd,Simon Philips,etc.
Achievement : 3rd place in Modern Drums Festival in 2007 England.

Projects :
Tremendous Fear
started music so soon with Violin,
(Ney,Kamanche,Setar & Guitar)
Integral Rigor is his 1st Professional activity.

****Integral Rigor is now Recording a new album****

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Band Members
Reza Rostamian - Vocals & guitar. vahid esfahani: bass . Edris Abi: guitar. Nozhan Akeami: Drums
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Integral Rigor
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Metal / Death Metal / Oriental

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Sari, IR