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Chief Adam the Great X aka ZooRilla is more than just a rapper. He is a Mid-West co-creator when it comes to being a recording artist/music producer. he is the one half of the unstoppable underground music group ZOORILLAZ representing for Kalamazoo, Michigan. This artist is one who is very familiar with the struggle that some can or cannot relate to. A struggle in life that not only was an obstacle for him, but an experience that many artist's not dare to go up against. Chief Adam the Great X is the Great when he's on and off the mic. He is the artist for the people that brings a certain energy, ideas and creativeness to the music nation.

For him it's not just about Rap, Hip Hop, Trap Rap or Swag, but to deliver what is needed, so he came up with his own genre. Creative hardcore spiritual "Street Gospel Rap" is what he's representing. His music helps bring balance within the ears of his listeners, and as a true artist with phenomenal and very strategic abilities whether it be humble or verbally combative, he has a sworn duty to be server of the word of of the Creator (God) for God. Giving up the life of crime to rhyme, he considers himself more as a vessel, one who carries the message of not only true life experiences that one may or may not beg to differ, but also subliminal messages, and awareness that will make even the hardest Gangster "think" about it.

Chicago fed, and Kalamazoo raised, Chief Adam the Great aka ZooRilla carries the good and bad for both side of the Mid West. The life that he leads today is one that is not easy. He tries to follow the law that allows him to continue to grow, mentally, physically and spiritually in order to develop, and master the skills that are needed in order to accomplish his mission and the goals that he has set. He has always had a knack for sound, and music all his life. As a listener, he was introduced to the rap game back in 1995 by a street partner of his who is a very well known MC in Kalamazoo who goes by the name MC My-D, and did my first recording in the basement of one of Kazoo's most well known music composers/ producers O.G Gangsta Nott Former leader of The North Side Mafia, and executive producer of Outcold Records, and in 2004 he was put up on the producing game by one of his younger affiliates who he considered as a younger brother who went by the name Taz aka Heeth'n Eternal who he watched grow in this music game.

As years past, he started flowing, and then dabbled a little bit into making beats, which he then produced his own first single "When It Comes 2 This" and just kept it going until he had some major set backs in life, fighting cases, and trial, but he til this very day this Artist has shown that he has the ability to stand strong, and hold his own. He has been blessed to produce his own first EP. "In These Day'z Of Tyme," and is now working on his first album titled: The Battle Of The Mind. He is Divine and truly blessed with many skills as a creative recording Artist who possess Greatness.

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Chief Adam the Great X
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Rap / Street Gospel Rap / Hardcore Spiritual Gospel Rap

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Kalamazoo, MI
The Creator who is known as (God)