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On February 15th, 1991, Oklahoma City gave birth to Romel “Melly” Roberts. Somebody call NASA, because that’s the day a new star was born! 22 years later that star is burnin’ bright. But let’s back it up a few years to get the story on this cosmic anomaly. Melly, the second eldest of four children, was raised by his mother and stepfather. Not broke enough to be poor, but with three siblings money was tight for his family. Needless to say Melly wasn’t rockin’ the latest trends. But that didn’t stop him from shinin’.
Melly made a name for himself in Oklahoma City’s dance scene for a few years until it died out. Forced to find another creative outlet, Melly then transcended his passion for music to writing. See Melly has always been surrounded by music. He learned the music game from his older cousin Bolo Brown, and his patented swagger from the streets of the North Side of OKC.
But the streets have other lessons to teach, harder ones. A pivotal moment in Melly’s life that fueled his decision to pursue his music was the loss of his cousin Cameron “Killa Cam” Roberts to a bullet on the corner of NW 122nd and Pennsylvania Ave.
These harsh circumstances can wear on our spirits. Anyone can pick up a gun or resort to fisticuffs to deal with the pressures of life out here in the streets. But it takes a rising star to pick up a mic and breathe his soul to an audience or bleed his heart onto the torn pages of a tattered rhyme book.
If Killa Cam’s death was the fuel, then the birth of Melly’s daughter threemonths later was the spark that set him on fire! With unconventional ad libs and impeccable wordplay, Melly is takin’ us and his music to another level, better yet another galaxy. Ladies and gentlemen, we now have lift off!

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Levi Melly
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Oklahoma City, OK

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