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Talk about life reflecting art, you can’t say this without feeling life through the music of Marc Chase…. every note reflects the memories of this song writer and singer…. paint is to canvas is as the cords are to lyrics when Marc shares his life through his music… as a listener I was mesmerized by the passion and soul coming from this artist… Every note whispering the hidden passion while telling a story of the life of a child growing up in a dysfunctional family through the teenage years as a singer in Memphis… to the witnessing of the tragic shooting of his girlfriends mother at his doorstep…. Then he fell into the trappings of the music industry with women, drugs and lavish parties. Years later,he found himself sitting in his house one night with a 38 in hand shooting holes in the walls and being taunted by his girlfriend to shoot at a twirling ceiling fan , as if he was at the shooting gallery in an amusement park…. it was at that moment he realized he had to stop. He told his girlfriend she had to go and that he was not going to continue in this life style and destroy his children…. He left the music business and started a successful moving company, which provided a lavish lifestyle for his family and children,,, things went well for a number of years, until the ultimate deception from a new partnership destroyed his business of 20 years in just a couple of weeks…. Returning to music brings Marc full circle, this time with a lifetime of soul in his music….

Marc’s band had been on the circuit for years singing the popular songs of the day, making him very successful…. this time he is Picasso, Van Gogh who will put paint to his own canvas… Marc is putting his own chords and lyrics to music… let the listener be the judge…
www.reverbnation.com/rpk/marcchase Contact Marc for info… 813-735-6182, email marcchase23@yahoo.com

Marc Chase, Song Writer and Singer....
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Marc Chase, Song Writer and Singer....

Talk about life

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Band Members
Marc Chase - Vocals, George Rocek - Saxophone, Jerry Chase - Drums, Max Combs - Guitar, John Mayeux - Guitar, Steve Boisen - Bass
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Marc Chase
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Rock / Rock/Blues

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Tampa, FL

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