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A City of Brittle Stars
The long-awaited solo album from Ryan Wildstar, (former lead vocalist of the legendary underground outfit EXP) pairs Wildstar’s poignant style of lyrical poetry with the lush, intricate soundscapes of musician Jacen Touchstone. From an intensive collaboration spanning several years and recorded in several cities, comes this haunting, theatrical exploration into the uncharted territory of spoken-word music, a journey which few artists have traversed with such eloquence.
In addition to the original compositions created for the album, A City of Brittle Stars features the track “Hemispheric Energy,” Ryan Wildstar’s re-working of the song “Raped,” which he co-wrote with the late Rozz Williams for the album The Whorse’s Mouth. The album is also book-ended by Wildstar’s musical interpretations of two canonical poets who have greatly influenced his work. Beginning with a potent rendition of “Apology of Genius,” a poem by the inimitable modernist poet/artist, Mina Loy (1882-1966) , and ending with a breathtaking version of “Horus,” a French poem from The Chimeras by the iconic Symbolist poet/novelist, Gerard de Nerval (1808-1855).

The album is due out on iTunes in May 2011, with a CD and limited edition Vinyl release available shortly thereafter. Visit www.ryanwildstar.com for updates and a free pdf version of the full album artwork with lyrics.

Track Listing:
• Apology of Genius
• Hemispheric Energy
• Rethrake
• Leather Devils
• The Other Side of Being
• A City of Brittle Stars
• Winterizing the Quantum
• Burrow Through Atmospheres
• Committed
• Poison Petals
• Horus

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Ryan Wildstar, Jacen Touchstone
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Ryan Wildstar
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Los Angeles, CA