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High-school friends Dmitry "Vitamin D " Owens and Neal "The Deal" Mashburn began jamming out on their unique,diverse,high-energy blend of Punk,Funk,Grunge,and Metal way back in the alternative Rock glory days of 1994, at an old, run-down wherehouse in a quiet,serene little backwood town called Ojai ,CA where they both grew up.Eventually Dmitry moved to Mesa, AZ,where he lived,loved,partied and rocked out in a band called Summer's Gone until 1998. Since returning to Cali,Dmitry and Neal have jammed together on and off until 2005,when they got together to form the world's most kick-ass two-man Rock band in the land -THE VOLUME KNOCKERS ! After playing clubs and dive bars (as well as 2 major local Rock festivals in L.A. and one in upstate N.Y. ) all over Ventura and Hollywood from 2006 - 2008,Neal had to take some time off to help raise his newborn son. And now,after an over 2 year hiatus,T.V.K. are back in action and ready to hit it ever harder than they did before!
As of January,2011, T.V.K. have added the monster punk-funk-metal bass grooves of their old high school friend Mike Purdy (formerly of the "Nardcore" Punk-Metal legends,Dr. Know) to the mix,creating an even more diverse, intense and unified sound. The world's most kick-ass Funk-Metal duo is now an equally kick-ass power trio,so be prepared to be rocked like a muthafunkin' hurricane,guys and gals ;)

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Dmitry "Vitamin D" Owens - lead vocals and lead guitar Mike Purdy - bass Neal "The Deal" Mashburn - drums and vocals
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The Volume Knockers
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Rock / Funk / Metal

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Ojai, CA