Fallstaf was the other side of North East Bistro (who no longer exist). Us boys have always been attracted to the louder types of music. Fallstaf has allowed us to come into contact with the louder and more theatrical sides of our personalities. The truth is that Fallstaf was nothing to do with NEB music wise, so beware if you think the two are related. With the recording of North East Bistro’s Sharing all of our Darkest Moments a Montreal Native Story becoming a long and arduous process, we were looking at another project to sink our teeth into. We’d been talking about the name Fallstaf for a long time and in 2008 it all came together with five songs which you can sample on our long awaited EP. Fallstaf was Benn on bass, Simm on Guitar, Matt on drums, The Hitman on trombone and Iann on vocals. PS. The name Fallstaf comes from Falstaff who is a character referred to by Shakespeare in his play Henry V. He is a Knight more interested in having a good time than he is in being accountable for his Knightly responsibilities. He is often seen as a negative influence on young Prince Hal, the future king Henry V.

In october 2011 “BASTARD SONS OF A PURE BREED“ hit the world of the Montreal metal scene, with his outstanding and original sound BSOAPB was well received and criticized around the world, from Montreal to Germany FALLSTAF forged a strong fanbase...

Some new blood joined the journey, GOYY replaced BENN on bass (who decided to take another road), after this new fusion, they working on a 4 songs EP which suppose to hit in the beginning of 2013...

So folks, stay tuned...

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GOYY-Bass IANN-Vocals SIMM-Guitars MATT-Drums THE HITMAN-Horns
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Metal / Brass Metal

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Montreal, QC, CA