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Eerie Von is known as the Bass player from the Goth Punk band Samhain, and the Gothic rock/metal band Danzig.

As of 2011, Eerie has contributed to 27 commercially released recordings since 1983, which includes 5 solo releases. His music has evolved into “an intriguing blend of rockabilly, blues, and goth.” Further described, “The Darkness, the Blues, the strong vocals are still there, only now it seems more natural.” Von continues in whatever direction his mood, and the songs take him. But, as he states, “I'll be a Punk Rock guy until I die, and there will always be blues in everything I do. It'll always be dark, that's just how it is.”

Von's early exposure to Saturday's 50's “Oldies,” 70's AM Top 40, Do-wop rhythm and blues, and Motown were leading influences. But it was The Beatles and Elvis Presley which inspired Eerie to sing. Further influenced by Classic Horror Films and Film noir, in part, the combination of influences contribute to Von's classic darkness, heartfelt bluesy edge, and underlying 50's feel.

By his senior year in high school, Von formed his first band, a hardcore punk outfit, named Rosemary's Babies. A year later, they released a 7" 45 EP called “Blood Lust.”

By 1984, Von formed Samhain with X-Misfits singer Glenn Danzig, as the drummer, he soon switched over to Bass guitar. With Samhain's dark, gritty, and experimental combination of punk, Gothic rock, and later, heavy metal music, it was an underground music community which continually fueled Von's creativity.

In 1988 the band changed its name to Danzig. They recorded their first self-titled release, “Danzig I,” which went platinum. And by 1993, as one of the most heard bands in the country, Danzig’s “Thrall Demonsweat Live” was certified gold.

In 1995, most of the official line-up had disbanded, including both Eerie Von and John Christ. Since, he has released 5 solo recordings.

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