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Drew meets Mitch. They become friends. Mitch and Drew play music. Matt meets Mitch. They become friends. Mitch, Drew and Matt play music. Jon meets Mitch. They only slightly like each other. Mitch, Drew, Matt and Jon play music. They call themselves 'Sledgehammer. They record songs. Mitch gets signed to the NY Giants and goes away for a few months. Mitch comes back and Sledgehammer records new song. Sledgehammer changes their name to 'Vikings Of The North Atlantic' (VONA). VONA exist only as a "band" in theory. VONA members get busy with life. VONA no longer writes and records. VONA members remain friends and family. VONA started their own families in hopes that they will raise kids that start a family band to tour the countryside and you'll all be invited.

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Drew.Vocals.Guitar, Mitch.Bass, Jon.Guitar, Matt.Drums
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Vikings Of The North Atlantic
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Fayetteville, AR