One day in the year o' 2000 when the Y2K scare was still abuzz in everyone's half-witted brain, a bass player named Byron went up to a guitar player named Jimmy in a college class & complimented Jimmy on his straightedge shirt. Jimmy stated that he wasn't really sXe but rather he wanted to be a walking contradiction & this was just one piece to that illustrious self-serving game. Byron then called Jimmy outside to throwdown because Jimmy showed such disrespect for the edge. Said fisticuffs did not ensue but a band was created. Songs were written, "practices" were held, pie-in-the-friggen-sky hopes were high, but it wasn't yet to be. Life has a way of doing that sort of thing.

In 2007, after interstate comings & goings, Byron & Jimmy found themselves in the same area of California for the first time in a long time. Talks were had over cans of Pepsi. A band was reborn. Byron brought in his trusty comrade Aaron (drummer par excellence and a mighty good dude) from a past band they were in together. Old songs were trashed, some rehashed, new ones were written, & that brings us to now (& closer to the end of this horrid, longwinded novel). But wait, there is certainly more: three years after the band was re-created, in comes Bob, a guitar player (and a player of every other instrument under the sun) who had played with both Byron & Aaron at various times in the past, again, in that one ska band that has had like 42 different members. Yes, that is an exaggeration, but in all seriousness that number is not very far off from the true number.

Absolved is a group of dudes who cut their teeth on the cassettes and vinyl of the old school while trying not to break any more bones on their skateboards. It is the band's belief that the old school did it right. Those bands were more genuine and creative than almost every over-produced, status-quo band of today. Absolved hopes to somehow pay tribute back to the scene that brought them up and taught them about life in general.
Epilogue: In October 2011, Absolved signed to Thumper Punk Records.

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JIMMY (lead vocals, guitars), BYRON (bass, vocals), AARON (drums), BOB (guitars, vocals)
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Rock / Punk / Hardcore / Oi

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Ventura, CA