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What up? My name is Collyn a.k.a. SkittS-O-Phrenic a.k.a. SkittS-OP. I come from a small town, Durango, Colorado. I've been makin music since I was 15 and got started on a druken night freestylin and went from there.. cliche, I know. At first it was more about fuckin around with friends then I kept gettin told that I was better than the cats I was with so I left my former group, went solo around 19 and started to get more serious about everythin; mastering, writing, recording, vocal skills, stage presence, studio knowledge, etc. One year after I went on my own I began performing in shows around Durango. After my first show I was approached by Lozee from Stand Alone Entertainment and asked to join his team. Since then have formed a group with Lozee called COAlition and will be droppin our debut album in the summer of 2013. I have played a total of 5 shows and love the energy of being on stage more and more each time. I absolutely love makin music and sharing my creativity with all my fans and friends. I don't ever seeing myself stoppin this, whether I make it billboard status or not. I LOVE HIP HOP til the day I lay. Enjoy it! Share it! Spread it! Or hate it! doesn't matter to me, Im never stoppin! So if you feel the songs you hear tell everybody! Thank you to everyone who has supported thus far!
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Collyn O'Brien (Lozee and me form COalition)
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SkittS-O-Phrenic of COalition
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Hip Hop / Lyricism / Hip Hop

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Denver, CO

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