Unchained Breathing is THE example that in a genre of played out cliché’s and bands repeating each other over and over again, there is still room for change. Young, creative and just a tiny bit insane, the members of UNCHAINED BREATHING are all around their twenties, and fully focused on getting their band to a higher level. 2011 showed a remarkable change, with Davy (ex-ForgettoForgive) joining the band on Synths and vocals, adding a new dimension to a band already standing out in their genre. This change happened during the summer, and they began writing new songs like crazy, and with result.

The best way to describe their sound is by imagining the following: Take a drummer playing as tight as can be, a bass player with solid sound and fitting but renewing melodies, a guitarist with possessed fingers and a synthesizer producing the tones of hell itself. Got that? Amazing, right?

BUT WAIT! The duo of vocalists add an extra layer to the already massive sound. With the clean and high pitched vocals from Davy combined with the guttural sounds of Conner, UNCHAINED BREATHING’s sound is exquisite to say the least.

Nearing the end of 2011, Unchained Breathing expanded their cooperation with dutch agency Crawl Back Bookings and made Mark de Leeuw their manager and booking agent.
2012 marks the release of their new song: “Anthem” with fitting video clip made by video talent extraordinaire Pavels Trebuhins. Anthem is written about their hometown Heerlen (south of the Netherlands) and shows their love for the friendships and family they have in their own safe haven. With this release, UNCHAINED BREATHING shows that there can still be passion and creativity in this genre.

General Info

Band Members
Conner van Dijk, Niels Kuchta, Davy Smeets, Dimitrie van Dijk, Leroy Smit
Artist Name
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Metal / BreakBeat / Ambient

Contact Info

Heerlen, NL
Mark de Leeuw - Crawl Back Bookings