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Born in Augusta, Georgia, and brought up on blues, Southern rock, and blue-eyed soul, Adam has developed a unique style that reflects his Dixieland roots while paying homage to influences from all across the musical spectrum. Comfortable playing rhythm in a church choir, belting out solos, or improvising his way through an all-night jazz session, he is the musical equivalent of a chameleon, able to blend in to any environment, yet stand out when the situation warrants. In a time when spectacle and theatrics give rise to “flash in the pan” pretenders, Adam adds to his prolific skills the rare gifts of restraint and subtlety, traits that mark the truly talented and lend themselves to staying power.

In 2010, Adam moved to Nashville and began writing his own material, which he has compiled into his first self-released CD. The songs portray a road weary soul finally coming to terms with itself and its place in the world; one doing battle with the demons of temptation, pride, and despair while struggling to bring forth its better angels. The Baptist schooling of his early childhood rings through on almost every song and with it the exploration of topics dealing with the difficulty of forgiveness, the necessity of sacrifice, and the restorative power of confession. Ranging from sparse acoustic and blues arrangements to upbeat pop-inflected country and funk tunes, Adam’s songs are snapshots of an artist maturing, exploring new themes and styles, and becoming comfortable in his own skin, finally realizing that overcoming adversity brings wisdom, and that, as he sings in “Feels Like Home,” there is truly “strength in that struggle.” The listener may first be impressed by the sheer musical variety presented and how different each song is from the other. However, upon deeper inspection common ideas emerge even as the guitar and vocal styles change, and the notion of an up and coming talent finding his footing emerges.

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Adam Hatfield-Electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, Vocals. Jamie Brantley- Bass guitar, Production, Infinite Wisdom- Rodney Edmundson- Drums. Josh Shilling-Keys
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Adam Hatfield
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Blues / Americana / Roots Music

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Nashville, TN