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“The youngsters from instrumental band Waking Wander rocked. They rocked hard. People who were attracted by the beautiful noise of this crew stayed, so the sparse audience in the beginning only grew. Rightly so.”
-Monterey County Weekly

“They display beautiful rhythm constructed through life experiences and uninhibited emotion.”
-California State East Bay Newspaper (The Pioneer)

“They were very passionate and seemed excited to be there. With a joyful audience of friends, family, and other concert-goers, they brought the most people… I’d say that they were the best band that evening.
The other bands were well rehearsed and played well together, but there seemed to be lack of passion… I just think that they needed a spark, the spark that Waking Wander had expressed so genuinely.”

“Their musical talent is incomprehensible, it’s mind blowing in an understatement; and their music will stay in playing in your head for days. They sound as if a whole bunch of awesome had a baby with some type of chemical X.”

Booking: wakingwander@gmail.com

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Christian Francisco: Guitar, Ryan Francisco:Drums, Joseph Aguda:Bass
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waking wander
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Rock / Post-Rock / Instrumental

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San Leandro, CA