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The Decliners were formed in 2005 in Portland, Oregon, out of the ruins of several defunct and decadent rock acts. The band at first featured a three-piece lineup with Nolan Void on vocals and bass, David Hickson on guitar and backing vocals and Grant Norris playing drums. Mr. Swank pulled the fabled no-call, no-show at a gig in Cottage Grove, resulting in a unanimous decision to drop him from the lineup. A frantic call to Tommy Shivers, drummer for The Plushies, resulted in The Decliners playing several months further as a power trio. January 2006 and Joey Steelhead entered the picture, a veteran of several Portland rock favorites, including The Plaid Pantry Project and Forehead, Steelhead supplanted Void on bass, leaving Nolan free to concentrate on his unique vocal style that lends the band its distinct tone.

Since 2006, the Decliners have released three full-length records with this four-piece roster, toured the West Coast and left mayhem in their wake as they've rocked the shit out innumerable bars, clubs and other venues ranging from rock clubs, dive bars, Elks Lodges and Union Halls to flat-bed trailers in 100-plus degree heat.

While Joey left us permanently last October, his and our good friend Sam Isabell (NAST, Pantywaist) will be holdin down with the bass -

The Decliners have been and always will be :

nolanvoid on vocals, David Hickson on guitar,
Tommy Shivers on drums, and Joey Steelhead on bass

Except for when it's been:

Mr. Eric Friendly on Bass (Bitchmachine, Therapist)
Jack Shit on Drums (Broken Bodies, Scratch)
Dustin Shivers on Drums (Bitchmachine)

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David Hickson, Nolan Void, Tommy Shivers, Joey Steelhead
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The Decliners
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Rock / Pop-Punk / Garage

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Portland, OR
Tommy Shivers