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“ill Nicky just dropped 'Fairfax and Melrose' and its full of "Real talk" that has that radio ready sound that makes you HAVE to put this track on repeat! Nicky makes sure we all know that he's "been heating up" and we can't argue with him when he's dropping hits like this !”

“A collected sense of confidence meets with upbeat energy and drive, and that hits well thanks to creativity and professionalism from Verskotzi and ill Nicky.”

"They used to rap, but what was weird to me was that they never had any “catchy parts” or choruses on their songs. I began to fill all the songs they had with choruses until they officially named me their “hook guy.” I took great pride in that."

“It’s not very often you come across a person like iLL Nicky. He’s as kind as they come and a true talent who creates raw, meaningful and powerful music. And to top it all off, iLL Nicky knows how to reap the benefits of creating a brand and how to strategically market himself in our digital world.”

“Your favorite emcee is hungry. Chances are, east Boston-born, Bay Area-raised, San Diego-based, Italian American rapper/songwriter, ill Nicky, is hungrier. Nick’s work ethic is second to none, and he has applied his tenacity to studying the legacy of hip hop, learning the techniques used by the culture’s most influential lyricists, innovating ways to market and place his music, performing at a level that is unmatched, and taking all that life has thrown him, his friends and his family, and turning it into music that connects with and spreads love to listeners.”

“Raps Sweetest Savage, ill Nicky.”

“iLL Nicky and Aquile perform live on FOX 5 News San Diego.”

“iLL Nicky talks with Tim at 91x San Diego.”


“Ill Nicky was a high energy, well-polished opener and definitely showed that he’s paid dues and ready to make big moves in 2017”

“There’s nothing quite like the sound and feel of Hip-Hop lyircs when mixed with acoustic accompaniment. Aquile has blended these two genres together perfectly for this rendition of the iLL Nicky song: For The Love. Aquile and iLL Nicky traveled to June Lake, California to film and record this live version of the song. The beautiful mountain scenery, combined with the snow, made this the perfect backdrop for the duo. Nicky brought out the “iLL” lyrics, while Aquile supplied the strings, harmony, beatbox and hook, which together is sure to make this track a hit.”

“I am a huge fan of the independent artist. In San Diego most of the artists fit this description. But when it comes to Hip Hop and getting respect and actually succeeding all on your own, iLL Nicky can now be thrown into this bunch. Now with bigger opportunities available to him, you’re sure to hear all about his next move.”

“Ill Nicky – Tells Us Which of His Tracks Should Go Down in History & More (Interview)”

“Get Sick On The Mic With iLL Nicky - Dangerous Lee's Blog interviews iLL Nicky to talk about new album, Beware The 8 !”

“iLL Nicky live on Fox 5 News San Diego !”

“GOD !!! Dope af shout out from saudi !”

“By Giving A Top Notch Performance, iLL Nicky Will Forever Gain Fans”

“Keep an ear out for this rising star who goes by the name of ILL NICKY!”

“San Diego legend!! iLL Nicky is my favorite rapper!!”

“Bringing down the house! iLLs UP!!! Killer Video guys!”

“Sometimes the best songs are the ones that tell a story and with a voice like iLL Nicky’s, telling a story only seems natural. His latest single “Perpetrator,” brings in the heat with solid production and a note worthy performance that will make you wish that you discovered iLL Nicky a long time ago. With cinematic instrumentals, iLL Nicky pumps out passion in his vocals and drops smooth flow in his rap to create a lyrical allegory that gives listeners a glimpse of his life.”

“Catching the ears of music fans around the nation…keep an eye out for this up & coming artist, ILL NICKY. Calling out the ladies, he brings us the visual to his latest single “Perpetrator.” With a catchy hook and smooth delivery, you’re sure to stay singing along. Take a peek below and make sure to keep up with the “Ill Movement!””

“Gotta listen to this guy. the bars are hard, the lyrics are fire, the flow is smooth.”

“Unafraid to voice his opinions, iLL Nicky spits fire and his flows sound kind of like a hybrid between Kendrick Lamar and Eminem.”

“He sounds legit from everything I am reading and hearing. Just amazed how there are more artists in San Diego than you would ever imagine. Big Ups to ill Nicky and Daygo for making that crack music.”

“Dude is so sick! When is your next show? You were sick last year with Eligh.”

“Damn.! iLL Nicky goes f*cking hard on the beat”

“The iLL Movement is REAL!!”

“This is awesome!”

“My new anthem, I support you fully man. Love your artistry”

“Great stuff man, do us all a favor and never stop rapping! ”

“iLL Nicky's fast paced, machine gun tongue, and intricate lyricism is turning heads and gathering crowds. His colorful personality shines through on stage and his music is fresh and unique.”

“You were the dinner conversation at our table last night with my family. I told them about your visit to school and told them the story of your iLL hand sign. This morning I just dropped off my son at school and rolled down the window as I usually do to say I love you, and he turned around, smiled, and shot me the iLL Nicky hand. While I hope you sell 10 million albums, your good work is already done in my book. Thanks for visiting the kids.”

“Ur album is my motivation on record right now. As hard as I push and stay positive, my life is challenging and has turmoil. Listening to you spread the love and the movement brings joy to my heart. I love you brother. Thank you for inspiring me.”

“Yeah he's actually dope. Solid production too. The more he records the more polished he's gonna sound but he's already pretty fresh.”

“Moving between Northern California and San Diego, iLL Nicky has created a fan base locally after performing live at various venues and spreading his brand through music videos, mixtapes and merchandise. He focuses his musical talents as a hip hop artist on creating a positive and uplifting perception of the genre. Big future for this bright star.”

“Grieves and iLL Nicky Live At Porters Pub UC San Diego”

“iLL Nicky is new to Super Bangers but the San Diego rapper is breaking through in the perfect time with a 9 track free album for the people!!”

“Love this album and the depth of the lyrics. Looking forward to more releases from ill Nicky.”

“Fresh new sound for hip hop ! Needs to be shared with everyone !”

“Keep grinding fam!! Proud of u!!”

“Ever since I saw this I've been thibking about it and I couldn't make a choice. But now I have an answer and its 2015. Its the best song you've ever made in my opinion. Keep doing you're thing brotha. Ills up”

“You know you've made your mark when I can read a lyric I've never heard but can hear you saying it.”

“This tattoo is a daily reminder to keep pushing for myself to live life with love cuz everything is good ..__ just believe all you need to do it's it's just believe thanks Nicky I. Think u will be on my life for the rest of my life much love to u ill sup god bless u for ever”

“That's what i like! Straight dope hip-hop!”

“super fire”

“hook is crazy”

“Cultivation of strait talent.”

“daaaaamn bro that shit sounds amazing”

“got this one on replay shit slap”

“solid track for sure, lyrics and beat on point!”

“Such Talent!!! complete package… lyrics, melody, quality, and concept! Well done!”

“you never let me down bro, nice work”

“Yoooo, Just heard the new EP. Sounds dope!! 2015 is my song right now. I'ma stay bumpin it for awhile! Keep preaching it, you have such positive vibes and messages! The world needs more artist like you. You have some real ass shit to say. A Wiseman indeed. I hope to make it out to a show asap... I think I saw on Reverbnation you have one just after my 21rst birthday. Pretty excited to see you play. I'll try and get some friends out with me too!”

“Woah! Straight heat!”

“Love your flow on this man! You've got a real message and sick delivery! :)”

“@Z903 I wanna hear that @TheiLLNicky played again !! Heard a snippet yesterday ! #iLLsUp #TheiLLMovement @RadioRaymondT”

“@Z903 @RadioRaymondT need to hear more of that @TheiLLNicky on radio!! Straight fire!”

“Congratulations to iLL Nicky on winning the Z90.3 HotShot Competition!! Here is his song, Automatic!”

DJ Pandar - Z90.3

“@TheiLLNicky hey bro I heard you on the radio how can I get my hands on a couple tix for tomorrow night?”

“@TheiLLNicky #1 fan for life. You won me over with #imondrugs”

“A new favorite: Praise by @theillnicky https://soundcloud.com/illnicky/praise on #SoundCloud”

“I mess with you the long way @TheiLLNicky! Yall check out the rest of his work, https://soundcloud.com/illnicky/ringer”

“@TheiLLNicky Just started listening to Crescendo today. Thanks for the shout out to Laramie!”

“Nice surprise from a local talent that you better peep! You won't regret it.”

“Ill Nicky is making dope hip hop out of San Diego with a brand new 16 track album. ''Automatic'' is a vibrant banger that will make you take notice of the profound flow, and passionate writtens.”

“Shout out to the homie @TheiLLNicky crescendo album bumping that real on this beautiful Friday morning”

“@TheiLLNicky I've legit been bumping Reach all day! Hah I have to send you something to hop on this flow is too ill.”