"DHUNA means an obsession - obsessive about music"

DHUNA – Is a three-piece band originating from Poland and now based in London, UK. Their music is a blend of psychedelic, electronic chill, fused with the ethnic vocals of Rena Biring ‘Psibindi’ and tribal percussion sounds from Dariusz Zaczkowski ‘Dziki’. Composed and arranged by pianist and synth maestro Dariusz Stawicki, DHUNA set the psychedelic world alight with their deep, spiritual electronic music and will take you on an alluring journey, through a myriad of hypnotic rhythms, groove percussions and soothing vocals. The different compositions create melodic soundscape for your ears giving you a higher taste of consciousness.

Leader – Dariusz Stawicki was born on 10 of December 1975 in Gdansk (Poland). Music is his passion for many years. In the age of seven years began in the school music education programs in piano class. Over the years, his musical passion turned to the electronic music. Inspired by the classic variant decided to explore the possibilities of modern musical instruments. That, together with Dominik ‘Dodo’ Markiewicz, in 1997, he founded the duo Neuron Gates. During meetings they put ideas, some of them was used as commercials and background music in advertising and regional and national television stations TVG and PTK 1, PTK 2 and TVN. Music of Neuron Gates also appeared on 3 CDs as a multimedia presentation. Composed of works chosen from among 11, which were recorded on debut album “Out From The Minds”. Few years later Dominik leave a project and Dariusz decided to create a new one with more underground and spiritual sounds. After this he met ‘Mantodea’ who introduced him in to the world of psychedelic world and culture.

That in 2002 Dhuna project was born and shortly become a part of GGOG club and polish psychedelic scene played parties and festivals across and outside the country. In 2005 Dariusz moved to England and here he finished graduate studies in sound engineering. Here also partly new material was created and in 2008 Dhuna released a first album “The Return”. After the success of this album, other musicians soon started to collaborate with a project. In the last 3 years band explored with new faces:
Dariusz Zaczkowski ‘Dziki’ - new percussion instrumentalist. He is strongly influence by multicultural and ethnical music from around the world, including Africa, where he spent some time taking a professional percussion lessons. As a member of “Mendicant” band, during “3 First Cut Awards” tour in Liverpool, Glasgow and Brighton, played as a support band for “The Rumble strip”, also support band for “The Fruttelies”, London. As a “Gaya Sound” he leads regular sound meditations and sound massages with gongs and singing bowls. His performance is based on following instruments:
- dundunba, sangban, kenkeni, djembe, kpanlogo drums from Africa
- shamanic drums, nadir, darabuka from Middle East countries
- gongs and bowls from Nepal and Tibet
- didgeridoo

Rena Biring ‘Psibindi’ – new vocalist. She is a classically trained singer in Indian Raga. Rena has performed alongside some great artists such as legendary singer Sheila Chandra&Ustad Latafat Ali Khan. As a ‘Psibindi’ she is a Psy-Trance Dj&Vocalist signed to UK based label Aphid Records. Her debut EP ‘Psychic Traveller’ (a collaboration with top producers Aphid Moon & Mechanimal), has now been released on Aphid Records and is available exclusively on Beatport. Now resident Dj for Red Dust collective in Spain – Psibindi has been powering dance floors in Spain and in UK at events such as Acid Monkey, Bom Shanka&Cohesion.

Together they spent last 2 years started working on new recordings. Also last 3 years Dhuna spent played lot of London parties and festivals in UK. They are about to release their forthcoming second studio album “no doubt” on Higher Taste Project. Full album will be lunch very soon and official UK premier will be on the beginning of January 2012. Higher Taste Project is a small indie label and touring team. This label was crated by Dariusz Stawicki & friends and will soon be launched on the official web site, preparing a few surprises … but more details soon.

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Dariusz Stawicki, Dariusz Zaczkowski, Rena Psibindi
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Alternative / Chillout, Ambient / Psychedelic, Goa

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London, UK
Dariusz Stawicki