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International Recording Artist, Sound Engineer, Song Writer & Public Figure Yokas.B Also Known As "Yokas Cullen Boslarelli" Was Born Richard Timothy Stephens On October 14, 1988. "He was the last of The four children, 3 boys and 1 girl" Yokas mother later recalled. Yokas's Real Mother & Father (David Graham and Michelle Graham) became drug abusers when Yokas was only 3 years old. The young music artist was put into the foster care system of new jersey called (DYFS) but not long after him and his 2 brothers were adopted and raised by his Adoption mother (Mary Pitt) his sister was split up during the whole process and raised by the familys other late relatives. Yokas grew up and went thru sudden changes, During a rough adolescence, detailed in many of his autobiographical songs, Yokas.B dealt with changes and flirted with depression, at different times Yokas conjoured very bad depression and was put into psyhic hospitals thru out different times in his early teen years. Yokas attended a school in bridgewater, new jersey called Somerset County Vocational Technical High School but later dropped out of high school at the age of 18. As Yokas.B later remembered his childhood in one of his songs ("Myself"), Yokas turned to rap at a very young age as an escape from the drugs, depression and poverty that surrounded him in his up coming teen years. in 2001 he joined the rapper Richie Stylez—an older performer who served as a kind of mentor—to record a song called "The Kewler," It was at this point that Yokas embraced the nickname "Yokas.B" which was simultaneously an homage to Richie Stylez, a play on Yokas's childhood nickname of "Richie," and a reference to his dreams of watching the movie "Richie Rich" But even though he had a stage name, Yokas remained relatively anonymous until he and two friends, Terrell and Tyson, got together, which later became Yokas childhood friends. In June of 2005, Yokas.B released his debut mixtape, High Rise. it is now considered a classic, featuring songs such as "Who Is Yokas.B," and "Sounds Of The Streets," that established Yokas.B as an emerging star in undergound hip-hop. 6 years later, Yokas.B achieved even broader success with the 2010 album Jersey 2 London ... "Illuminate" became Yokas's most popular single to date. "Style & Flow" marked the beginning of a fruitful period in which Yokas.B would become a known name in underground hip-hop. Over the span of those years, the artist released a slew of hit singles. His most popular songs from this period include "Another Day Another Way...", "Rare Flow", and "Be Like Me", Yokas most acclaimed singles of this period was Finding Destiny(2012), Featuring Outspoken The Emcee & Alyx Sky. At 13 years of age Yokas has what can only be described as a cult following of supporters that value his intelligent and evocative lyrics, in a pool of MCs that all too often spawn to become monotonous rappers. As a diamond in the rough, Yokas’s road to success began at local Recording studio's even then it was easy to see he had real talent. Yokas would do Freestyle battles as much as he could with whoever would let him on, he was also writing and recording songs with friends and local producers at a very young age. It wasn’t very long before he built up a good reputation in the area he was brought to the people’s attention, this time by richard taylor of studio3nj richard decided to give Yokas a chance and took him to the studio to check him out and lay some vocals. Yokas jumped on it and didn’t disappoint, spitting a high level of content at a good speed and at the same time displaying a style and flow well beyond his years. Yokas was soon introduced to the rest of The world and wasted no time on rehearshing daily His relentless progression continued with each track. soon Yokas has performing live sets from talent shows to live shows. Yokas’s first solo single entitled the kewler was released in september 2001. Since Yokas’s first solo release, the young MC is one of the most talented MC as he garners more press attention and support throughout the UK , Europe and the states.

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