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Hip-Hop is not dead, just unconscious; if someone with the Master Grip can reach her, she can be revived.

Born Magnetic Allah (B-Magnetic) is such a man with the Lion’s Paw (Master Grip). He is the Light shining within Hip-Hop’s current state of darkness.

Armed with a determined idea that you need not be a gangster, a drug dealer, or one who is disrespectful of women to rise to prominence within this art form, B-Magnetic is on a Mission.

B-Magnetic has been perfecting this particular element of Hip-Hop since 1986. Also a member of the Five Percent Nation of Islam, his message is refined with consciousness without being “preachy”.

He has performed with and is associated with legendary Hip-Hop icons such as Africa Bambaataa, Jay-Z, the Jungle Brothers, Tribe Called Quest, Gang-Starr, Naughty by Nature, Chino XL, Lakim Shabazz and many, many others too numerous to name.

Born and raised in East Orange, NJ, he was cultivated in an atmosphere where all elements of the Hip-Hop culture were fully represented. Thus birthing within him a deep love of the culture as a whole, but with an emphasis in lyrical pugilism (rapping).

With the degradation and misogyny of rap music becoming the norm, it is B-Magnetic’s deep love of the culture which has missioned him to bring about its revival.

Rap music need not be morally bankrupt to be hot. Conscious rap need not be “holier than thou” to be effective.

B-Magnetic is blazing the trail, which emphasizes the happy medium between the two. Consciousness has its own impressive swagger and B-Magnetic is a living reality of that fact.

Born Magnetic Allah is THE catalyst for revolutionary change within the music. Just listen…

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