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Mslunatik had been told the shadow which haunted her sight was merely a misfiring of the nerves in the visual cortex interpreting her field of vision, an obvious and treatable organic abnormality of the brain. Marxxx made his rounds through her ward in the afternoon. She had long accepted she was sick until Marxxx admitted he could see it too. Not only see it but hear the music accompanying it. Within the week they had decided they’d both leave this place.

The screams of those still trapped in their cages when the fire which would devastate the asylum reached out and melted the panicked flesh would serve as herald. It came to them revealing itself in one form as DJ Gamabomb. From the ruins of the blackened corpse of the asylum they alone emerged bringing the music with them to all others that would hear it.

Marxxx founded Chalkline Musick to fulfill this mission. Since that time they have recently joined up with R.I.D Ent as well to continue their music career. They have done shows with many nation wide acts like ABK, Blaze, AMB, and many more. They recently went on tour and are expected to do many more in the next few months.

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MsLuNaTiK - Vocals, Mr. Marxxx - Vocals, DJ Gamabomb - DJ, ODM - Vocals
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Rap / Rap / Horrorcore

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Phoenix, AZ
Marx Pozest