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In this era of technology SKYN has developed his understanding of recording-mixing,editing and promo.These recording are done entirely by SKYN. and the horns are live.He Sings and plays the Bass,Piano, Trumpet ,Flugelhorn,Saxes,Flute ,Piccolo and Valve Trombone.Most tunes are either Original or an arrangement done by him.It`s a vision long time ago about getting old and not leaving the house.No matter what he can play"till he can`t play no more"Recently SKYN has added piano and bass to the mix.An attitude of hard work and humility is his agenda.In the words of Tony Sheppard"they're nearly 7 billion people on earth--- doesn't that make you feel SPECIAL!!
Born in a small Minnesota town, Squaw Lake Minnesota,it seems pretty unlikely that Jack would end up anywhere else.But, I guess it was the pure desire to get away from the bitter cold.Jack and his family ended up in Anoka,Minnesota(a suburb of Minneapolis)There was a detour to Salt Lake City,Utah as my dad searched for work.This where I got my first horn(a trpt from Montgomery Wards) and started to play trumpet in the school band(I had been taking piano lessons)It was the challenge I loved to hate.We then moved back to Spring Lake Park where under the encouragement of Ray Sandell( my band leader) I got more and more hooked on music.I ended up in the Anoka Junior High School Band where I was pretty alienated.I decided to resort to my secret weapon -the ability to practice-and I did.With things going "South" with my dad`s metal health,practice became my refuge.I got to be !st Trumpet with the band,and then was sent to the Orchestra,under Kenneth Davenport.To make a long story shorter I ended up being converted to music.I attended the University of Minnesota( I played in the University Orchestra and got to do a 2 record recording with Dave Brubeck) and besides having a Jazz Quintet(High Heeled Sneakers),with played the Jazz on Campus Concert.After Graduation I went to the 5th Army Band and played 1st Trumpet there.And was chosen as a member of the Chicago Symphony Brass Quintet(I did about 10 concerts) Then I got transferred to West Point where I was for a couple years during this time I got to take lessons from Carmine Caruso,Mel Broiles,John Ware.Also,I played in the Catskills with Cab Calloway,Al Greene,and others.Upon leaving West Point I decided to return to Minneapolis.I worked with the Lake Harriet Symphony,Phil Brunnell,The Minnesota Opera ,Sound 80 and did pick up recordings.During this time I played with Sam Bivens,Stan Haugesack,and players like Brian Grivna,Bob Corea,Kiko Rangel,Joe Morrisey.I was a freelancer and did Souls Harbor,Jesus People Singers,The Messiah,Fiddler on the Roof,The Temptations,Jim Tolck`s Little Big Band,Plymouth Congregatinal Church and worked with the Minneapolis and Saint Paul Brass Quintets.Then,I found more steady money playing the clubs bands like Street Players,Inside Straight ,and Matrix.One day I got fed up with the cold and moved to Florida.Here I met a played with cats like Jack Peterson-Kenny Soderblum Big Band,The Native Brass,The Jazz Ambassadors,Melody- Booth Orchestra,The Venice Symphony,The Strangeways,Vinestreet Rumba Band,Dan Electro and the Silvertones,Groove Kitchen,The Marvins,Elysian Sex Drive,Big Z,Big Night Out,Skamatixs,Fatt Soul City,Renne Austin,Mellanie Massell,Lauren Mitchell,Lorretta James,Howard Rodney Brown,DemTings.Also,I`ve done around 500 Cds as a sideman.I`ve gotten to play with these great Cats-Sam Bivens,Keith Greene,Bud Brisbois,Charle Geyer,Mel Broiles,
John LaPorta,Leon Merion,Dick Hyman,Jerry Rubiniwitz,Eric Gravat,John Lamb,Gary Deary,Louis Ferovichs,Al Klink,Joe Morrisey,Jim Earp,Mike Hensley,Dr Fish,Poppa Jack Defrancesca,Dave Cooke,Joe Dyke,Flip Phillips,Warren Vache,Al Grey,Phil Gray,Urbie Green,BB King,Larry Foyen,Jerry Grey,Greg Nielson,Charles Schleuter,Bud Herseth,Joe Davis,Walt Johnson,Sherl Macants,Lynell,Merideth Coles, George Benson,Bronco,Jim Tenbensel,Rick Duff,Frankie D. In addition,I have been in warm up bands for Tower of Power,Mighty Bosstones,Jimmy Cliff,Helen Hayes,The Toasters,Bonny and Delaney and played in downown Chicago for the return of the astronats).I started switching instruments while on the Circus(American Continental Circus,Hemut Ca,Great American Circus,Ringling Red and Blue,International All Star Circus)I currently play Tenor ,Alto, Flute,piccolo,Trumpet,Flglhorn,V-Trombone,piano,vocal,Bass.(I lost a lot of horns to the economy)

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