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Born Marcus Adair Roberts Jr., July 7,1980 in Dallas, Texas to Marcus Roberts Sr. and Gwendolyn Bryant, he showed interest in music at the early age of 2. He’d sit in his mother’s lap at her piano as she played for him and he attempted to play along. Though his interest was obvious, his parents couldn’t afford lessons for him. In 5th grade, he joined the school band. Like most kids at the time, he wanted to play drums but, all the percussion spots where filled so, he opted to play the trumpet. He’d continue on trumpet throughout his undergraduate career. He also played football in school until his junior year in high school. His band director came to him with an ultimatum,” I’m tired of you marching with us in your football uniform. It’s not fair to the rest of the band. Though you are the best trumpet player I have and one of my strongest and most influential leaders, you have to choose between the two. They can no longer coincide.” So, he went with what was in his heart, music, though it wasn’t the more popular choice at the time where he was from. For his graduation gift to himself he got his first drum kit. He began teaching his self while he was attending Prairie View A&M University where he marched in the Marching Storm. Due to financial issues, he was only able to complete his freshman year. He returned to Dallas and began gigging around town on drums. In 2001, he’d have a career-changing encounter with Robert “Sput” Searight, one of the most popular musician from the area. Marcus was singing with a group at the time and walks into an engagement and sees Searight a world-renowned drummer absolutely blazing on B3. So, from that day forward he realized, the more hats you wear, the more you work. He started teaching himself piano at 19. At 20, he ventured into learning synths n organ. By 22, he was gigging on keys. Age 23, he began his musical director career with artist Common Folk. At age 25, he began gigging along side many of the musicians he revered, including Searight. If asked, he’d simply say he’s a product of his environment. Being around Bernard Wright, Bobby Sparks, Daniel Jones, Shaun Martin, Rc Williams, and many other world renown keyboard players, something’s bound to rub off. Keyboard is now his main axe while still maintaining his drumming abilities. He also learning bass guitar now. At 27, he began his production career putting all of his musical abilities, which includes writing and arranging, to work on a everyday basis

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