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By the melodic metal Cendrine's band, a saga beginning in a universe of Greek mythology, will take you through time, many lives and legend. In each new life, Us and Cendrine, two mortal souls graced by the Olympian Gods, struggle to end the curse cast by Hades and his disciples. The curse is the fulfillment of a prophecy that tells of an evil child born with absolute power that will bring the end of all life. Cendrine’s wicked mother, lusting for Cendrine’s magical powers, attempted to murder Cendrine in order to extract her powers to become the most powerful being in existence. Great sorcerers, of Merlin’s ancestry, favored by the Gods, have kept Cendrine away from her mother’s grasp ever since, but her mother still hunts for her. Hades also relentlessly pursues Cendrine to conceive the evil child that would make him ruler of all worlds. Cendrine is the ray of hope for all life. This endless conflict between good and evil will take you on a journey through time and space to an enchanting and macabre musical universe. (Aléa Jacta Est)

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Cendrine alias Sandrine Chassine- lead vocals, Hadès and Us alias Thodrekr- bass and vocals.
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Cendrine (official )
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Montreal, QC, CA