K-Spitz NatuRaL BoRN Spittaz / Bio

K-Spitz.... was born aNd raised in tha Bay Area...to God Fearing parents...who Later Instilled theIr Love of music in her heart.. Born in Alabama, her mother often sang with LocaL bands and later moved to CA.. Her father was an Elder and self taught organist and singer. As a child, K-Spitz, would write songs, knowing that one day she would shine her light on the world. K-Spitz, who was originally a soLo artist who went by the name Kei$h Doe, later joined a tribe of cousins in an already formed group titled "Tha NatUraL BorN SpiTTaz".. This fEmale MC combInes ReaL HipHop with R&B to Create what some of you may know to be "GRoWn FoLks Music"..... She stands her ground in thIs group of aLL maLes...with hEavy hItting pUnchLines and Phrases that cOmpletes thIs groups ellaborate package. They are strictly One of a Kind! To date, they have woRked with many Bay Area aRtists, such as.. SaN Quin, MEssy Marv, Biaji, Turf TaLk, J.Dandridge, KEak da SNeak, Mugzy aNd many othErs. Feel free to enter the mind of someoNe that u thOught u kNew.. But itz oBvious...U had no Idea K-Spitz' would put it down...like this!..

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Band Members
KSpitz, Chedda Boi, ShaNk, Khasso, Young Buggy, Courtney O
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K-Spitz NatuRaL BoRN Spittaz
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Hip Hop / RnB

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Oakland, CA