AUDIOPIUM electronic dub band founded by Dtune, later joined by Pailo and select guest artists. Since 2005 AUDIOPIUM has played a wide range of venues; from the ambient lounges, speakeasys, rocking festivals like the Vortex, Texas Roller Girls, Cinco de Maya festival, indoor and out door events such as SPACE DUB RUBY DAWN (RAVE). AUDIOPIUM Grounded in the traditional roots of Acid Jazz, Afro-Dub, and Highlife (an uplifting mix of Euro - Western blues and jazz motifs, played on guitar and horn over African rhythms, made popular by King Sunny Ade) is original, cutting edge and experimental, yet highly accessible and dance oriented. AUDIOPIUM Space Dub is filled with original melodies and highly accessible grooves, rhythms, break beats and polyrhythm. AUDIOPIUM is trance-fusion born of improvisational instrumentalists, writing and performing original music with its ranks expanding, feature various special guest artists inspired byDtune's years of study with West African Tribal Drum Masters, Space Dub, Adrian Sherwood (of the once industrial dub band "Tackhead Sound System" and now "African Head Charge", who performs on the mix board as a musical instrument) in 2005. Dtune's ethereal guitar draw on studies with experimental classical composers and his scoring for film. Dtune (Founder of AUDIOPIUM, producer and session player for: Sage Siddhah, Ruta Maya house band, MC Shake Da Preachamun, Black Ribbon, Small Box, Life of Sport, ZN noyzwerks, Lannaya and That Eternal Desire) has been compared to David Gilmore (of Pink Floyd), Robert Fripp, Fred Frith, Reese (of David Bowie’s “Tin Machine”), Jazz legends: Al Dimiola, Pat Metheny and Sun Ra)inspired melodies which elude to many familiar dance riffs work around a scafold of percussion, keyboard and Live Remix by Pailo sometimes on kit, hand percussion and Modular synth. AUDIOPIUM alludes to and interpolates many familiar dance-inducing motifs as a foundation that combines with stellar melodies.

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Dtune, Pailo & Guests
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Electronica / Acid Jazz / Highlife / Brainwave Synchronization

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Austin, TX
Eary Records