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Espiritu Santi aka Ghost has been involved in gangs, crime, drugs, alcohol, and any of the endeavors that those activities may entail. Such a lifestyle has lead him to two felony convictions.

However, Espiritu Santi is a born again Christian, and has chose to change his genre, but certainly not his style. ES has chosen to keep his old music accessible for listeners and fans, for it enforces his testimony for the glory of Jesus the Christ, and makes it that much more powerful. Understanding where Ghost used to be, to where Espiritu Santi is today is the purpose of his music. Such references will be spoken of throughout his songs.

The old life will always be referenced to, but certainly does not condone any such illegal activities, or sinful behaviors.

God bless, and may love haunt you for all eternity!!

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Hip Hop / Spiritual / Chicano Rap

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Bozeman, MT

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