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Born in Buffalo,New York 1972 Chris Walker Alias Mr Tech was there until the age of 2.Raised in the South Columbus Ga.& Phenix City Ala was where it all began.He recorded his first Rap song by the time he was in High school at he age of 16.Didn't thank much of it then just doing it for fun at that time. Every thing is just starting to develop at this time as a rapper slash producer.I produced and started off a few local artist in my city,taught them the game and they soon departed and branched off on their own.I hook up with Trill the Playa from the 69 Boys that made that hit song "Tootsie Roll" did some shows with them and we was cool.I went solo and really started to perfect my craft and sharpen up bought all the state of the art equipment and did some serious work.Grinden out to get the money and every thing needed and sacrificed a lot of time with it. I got with local Trap Brothers Organization,produced some tracks for them. Shortly after That we met up with Dirty Boys from Montgomery and I soon linked up with big Pimp and Did the song "Lean with it"That song was the power booster for my whole career and it turned things around for the better.I got recognized by major producers I got invites to go perform show cases in Atlanta.That's where I met up with Big Sam of L'll Jon and the East side Boys and now I'm down with them.I stepped away fro m the rap game for a minute but I came back with a full force of vengence which only seems to be getting stronger and stronger.I like to tell every one that's in music to get in it for the right reasons and do it for the love and that will prevail over anything even if it seems like no one is looking.When it seems like you are not going to be that super star you wanna be and you are about to give up don't because that opportunity that you long been waiting for right around the corner from you.

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Timothy Allen Beast Mode - Composer
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Mr Tech
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Hip Hop / Dirty South

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Columbus, GA