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Objects In Space began ten years ago in a little flowerbox of a town in north-west Washington. Steeping in boredom, finding their only solace in Eric's garage, the boys stayed up late into each night drinking outlandish quantities of Bacardi 151 and Tanqueray whilst singing along to an eclectic variety of music—Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, Iggy and the Stooges, the Stones, the Misfits (of course), and on more than one occasion Madonna’s Borderline. In a direct about face from their punk-rock upbringing, Nick and Aaron would eventually move on to that strange hippy college in Olympia, where they experimented in a variety of realities.

Then came further fragmentation. Aaron moved to a strip-mall that had been mistaken for a city where he would study to become an electronic engineer. He designed a robotic bartender and learned how to build his own guitar pedals. A fine education. Nick stayed in Olympia for a time then moved on restlessly for several years. Wine and women and books and riots in Paris. Aimlessness in Spain. A botched attempt at settling in San Francisco. Living in a tent in the middle of nowhere in eastern Washington. For a while, Portland. Back to the tent. Then Eric, who had stayed in that flowerbox of a town collecting a bizarre assortment of possessions that most other people would have cast off years before, decided to pick up his burl and relocated to Portland, where Nick and Aaron had recently resettled. They found a house with a basement and here we are. In the present.

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Nick Hilden- Bass, Vocals, Aaron Anderson- Guitar, Eric Stopke- Drums
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Objects In Space
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Rock / Punk / Psychedelic

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Portland, OR
Nick Hilden

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