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Xenocarnage was formed in February 2010 by Matt, Ian, and Mike. The band went on playing instrumental for the whole year of 2010. During the year they went on to record a three song demo with Trey who later became the bassist for the band. After playing some more shows and after a performance at a high school talent show the band was approached by Robert with interest of joining the band. On January 1st, 2011 Robert officially became Vocalist for "Dementia" and the band went on to evolve musically and create more structured songs the debut of the "new and improved" Dementia was January 21st, 2011. In May 2011, Trey left the band after playing his last show May 21st. Robert then decided to try doing bass and vocals, which went very well and we went on to play as a four piece starting June 24th, 2011. In July 2011 we began recording with Brian Knop at Maximum Level Audio to get our first single "Child of Rage" We chose that song since it was our first song as a band. We were very satisfied with the quality that Brian provides in our recording and we are saving the money to record some more songs with him so look out for those. We are a very hard working band, we are constantly working on improving ourselves, and we love playing shows! Come to a show and check us out! Xenocarnage is a band that mixes a lot of genres, one song it could be Thrashy the next could be Funky. We do not limit ourselves and plan on keeping it that way!

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Matt - Lead Guitar, Robert - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Mike - Tubs, Rob - Bass
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Denver, CO