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The First Conception is (in this case) the name of a music project co-founded by Thomas Conway (acoustic guitar) and Rogerio Ferreira (drums, percussion and glockenspiel) who play free style instrumental music mostly but also Early Music, European Folk, Easy Listening, and World Music. They also make jazz, blues and traditional Irish and English folk arrangements. On occasion, TFC play blues and jazz, and compose music for film and documentaries.

Jaki Alden (flute, mandolin, clarinet, violin, and woodwind) has recorded two albums with the project and joins in from time to time for gigs. Other musicians are invited when necessary.

The project’s instrumental soundscapes create a symbiotic relationship of dreamy labyrinthine sounds and a sparse rendering of musical arrangements which aim to take their listeners on imaginary musical trips.

The First Conception came to life in March 2008 as a duo live act playing an acoustic set at The Steam Packet, Norwich, after a few months spent on rehearsals.

The members met in April 2007 at a TEFL course for teachers in the UK. A year later, they recorded one of their rehearsals. That session was later mastered and self-released as an album entitled We Are Born. Three months later, their first official session was recorded and became their second album, Inscape.

Jaki Alden joined in for the recording of some tracks on two of the albums (Inscape and Riddle of Existence) and tagged along for gigs. As a trio, TFC performed an acoustic set for the first time at the Cider Shed, Norwich, in 2009.

Tom and Rogerio recorded a jazz jam session as a quartet with guest musicians Russell Young on piano and Julian Revell on sax. Its full version will be made available as a CD entitled Off the Record. Edited versions of it have been uploaded.

Five sessions, excluding Off the Record, have been recorded: We Are Born (April 2008), Inscape (July 2008), Riddle of Existence (July 2009), Random Thoughts, (August 2009) and The Jazz Matter (September 2009).

A first compilation entitled Compulsive Matter (strong tracks, second takes and singles) was put together in July 2010 to celebrate TFC's two years of activity.

Inscape was re-packaged in 2012 with an added track and the same CD cover by Zacron, to celebrate Zacron's life after his passing that year (The Zacron Edition). Zacron (www.zacron.com) is best known for designing the iconic Led Zeppelin III album cover for his friend Jimmy Page in 1973. This is part of a vast and varied body of work by Zacron spanning five decades. He's done the same thing for his friend Rogerio Ferreira regarding TFC's Inscape album cover. Another Zacron album cover is used for Compulsive Matter.

All music is available for listening to on TFC's website at Bandcamp. All TFC music will be made available there either free of charge or through PayPal after the re-packaging of all the albums and extended play sessions. Some tracks are also being re-edited and re-mastered. Selected CDs are sold at gigs.

The First Conception have developed a unique style comprising a blend of their influences. "We try to create a certain atmosphere within each piece of music we play." - Rogerio. "We also believe in keeping it sparse." - Tom. "There's a mystical journey one goes on when listening to your music. It sounds very spiritual and mysterious." - Judy, a fan. "Have you contacted the BBC? Your music's good for television documentaries." - Mark, a friend.

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Thomas Conway - Acoustic Guitar/Composer, Rogerio Ferreira - Drums/Percussion/Composer
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The First Conception
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Instrumental / Atmospheric / Ambient

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Rogerio Ferreira