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Let’s start off by saying; Overture is not your typical rock band. This has been said before about many bands that have preceded Overture. But in this case, a unique line-up of two bassists, rhythm guitarist/lead vocalist, drummer and keyboards, the sound created by this band is unsurpassed! However, it is proven in the pure power, energy, musicianship and songwriting that can only be one band……..Overture!!!!!! An absolute melting pot of brilliance!! In the genre of what is being called Mainstream Progressive Rock. Overture has something for everyone
Overture is more concerned with the creation of the songs and not over using their musical prowess for the sake of showing off. That said, you can be sure you will hear catchy melodies, melodic drama and solid musicianship.

Let’s talk about influences. The band has a plethora!!! All five members have in common Yes, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Police, Kansas, King Crimson and Boston. Just to name a few.
When you ask members separate, you will find their personal influences:
Stephen Curry---Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, Stanley Clarke, Mark Egan, John Paul Jones, Dave LaRue, Mozart, Stuart Hamm and Brian Bromberg.
Steven Ferraro---Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, Bill Bruford, John Bonham, Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Marco Minnemann and yes, Animal from the Muppets.
Darryl “Jake” Jacobsen---Sting, Michael Buble, James Taylor, Peter Gabriel, Brad Delp, Robert Plant, Jon Anderson, and Matthew Bellamy.
Kevin Creegan---Tony Levin, Sean Malone, Jaco Pastorious, Chris Squire, Trey Gunn, Michael Manring, Les Claypool, Gary Willis and Paul Chambers.
Greg Zyskowski---Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Geoff Downes, Jon Lord, Rick Wright and Jordan Rudess.

When you mix this all up and put it together, you have Overture.

From their melodies to their somewhat intricate riffs and motifs, to the high power drumming of Steve Ferraro, this band has a very diverse background. Unison and harmonic passages between lead bassist Stephen Curry and rhythm bassist Kevin Creegan can only remind one of classical influences. The keyboard playing of Greg Zyskowski has a musicality and integrity that adds so much to the dynamics of every song. Lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Darryl “Jake” Jacobsen has pure power and distinction in his voice; you won’t be asking yourself twice who is singing. It can Only be Jake! With the addition of rhythm guitar, Jake becomes the full package.

Overture does have a simple beginning. The band was formed originally by members Stephen Curry (Lead Bassist) and Steven Ferraro (Drummer). The two have known each other for almost 27 years. Talk about commitment to a single musical goal. In Overture’s infant stage, Stephen Curry had asked Steven Ferraro “how would you feel about having a second bassist instead of a lead guitarist?” Ferraro replied, “Who will do the solos?” Curry replied, “I will, on the bass and piccolo bass.” The two agreed. Curry and Ferraro have never turned back!! Next was the addition of someone who could write lyrics to music, was a great lead vocalist and who could also play rhythm guitar. Seek and you shall find!! Enter Darryl “Jake” Jacobsen! The three had been joined by fate. As Jacobsen has put it, “upon hearing Steve Curry’s music, I was hooked, and always have been.”
In the early years of Overture, Curry, Ferraro and Jacobsen had performed with the addition of what soon would be called a rhythm bassist and keyboardist. With life changing around them, Overture was later left with just the three original members. Curry, Ferraro and Jacobsen. With the later and now current additions of rhythm bassist Kevin Creegan and keyboardist Greg Zyskowski, the band has released their new single “Ten Steps from Yesterday” and is currently finishing their first album!! Talk about perseverance!!
Overture is currently in the studio recording their new album which should be out mid-summer. Be sure to check out their first single “Ten Steps from Yesterday” available on I-Tunes and many other download applications. Check out their video on WWW.YouTube.com/OvertureMusicRocks/TenStepsFromYesterday. Find them on Facebook at WWW.Facebook.com/OvertureMusicRocks or at their website WWW.OvertureProgressiveRock.com.

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Let’s talk about influences. The band has a plethora!!! All five members have in common Yes, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Police, Kansas, King Crimson
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