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The Cult of Dionysis is a dedication to heavy music organized and operated by true metal superheroes. Metal is a lifestyle, not some stupid trend. This music is created by real human beings who genuinely love and live metal music even if they have to subject themselves to ridicule, poverty, and insanity to do it! Read on and witness history in the making...

The form of art known as Heavy Metal has become a lifelong "religion" for Drummer & Vocalist, Dionysis. After nearly two decades navigating the metal underground in various groups, Dionysis founded his "Heavy Metal Cult" in Spring 2006 and began the campaign to deliver metallic enlightenment to the people of planet earth.

Through the years Dionysis worked with various lineups and collaborated with different musicians to create a variety of music. Incorporating elements of goth, extreme metal, doom, stoner, thrash, black metal, old school metal, and classic rock, the music of Cult of Dionysis would change, morph, and grow into a twisted cornucopia of abundant Heavy Metal music. From 2006-2015 the following albums were released:

2007 - "CCCXXXIII" featuring Trevor Carter (Guitar/Bass/Drums) and Dionysis (Vocals).

2010 - "Alchemy" featuring James Huff (Bass/Vocals), Grayson Flippen (Guitars), Matt Dowling (Vocals), Dionysis (Drums, Vocals).

2012 - "Behind The Mask" single, featuring James Huff (Bass/Vocals), Scott Mays (Guitars), Scotty McMeans (Guitars), Dionysis (Drums/Vocals).

2014 - "Transfiguration" featuring James Huff (Bass/Vocals), Scott Mays (Guitars), Heath Hash (Guitars), Dionysis (Drums/Vocals).

Cult of Dionysis provides some of the most unique underground heavy metal entertainment in the world. Not only is the music unique and original, the band also has their own comic book series which was created to chronicle the adventures of the band. Created, written, and illustrated by band founder Dionysis, the first Metalcult Comix series debuted in January 2011. From 2011-2015 the following books were published:

- Metalcult Comix #1 (January 2011)
- Metalcult Comix #2 (August 2011)
- Metalcult Comix #3 (April 2012)
- Metalcult Comix #4 (August 2012)
- Metalcult Comix Special #1 featuring Riffomaximus and The Soldiers of Fortune (August 2013)
- Metalcult Comix #5 (July 2014)
- Metalcult Comix Special #2 featuring Thundrazoid and The Planet of Beer (July 2015)
- Giant-Size Metalcult Comix #1 collecting issues 1-5 + Metalcult Comix Special #1 (October 2015)

From 2006-2015 Cult of Dionysis performed live throughout the US states of VA, WV, NC, SC, and TN. While the faces changed, the music, changed, the formula changed...one thing remained exactly the same: THIS BAND KICKS ASS LIVE!

2016 and beyond: It's a brand new year and for the immediate future friends and followers of the Metalcult can expect more Metalcult Comix with #6 scheduled for publication January 2016. There is also a ten year anniversary compilation CD in the works, which will include material from currently out of print Cult of Dionysis releases "CCCXXXIII", "Alchemy", and the "Behind The Mask" single. The untitled compilation is scheduled for release Spring 2016. For more details about future books, music, live and live performances...STAY TUNED!

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Dionysis Metalcult - Drums/Vocals
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Cult Of Dionysis
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Metal / Geek Thrash / Blackened Voodoo Hardcore Death Rock

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Galax, VA
Metalcult Entertainment

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