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Many songwriters say things like, "I have a shopping bag that's overflowing with lyrics that I've written." Kalhn Blake actually does. Hers is a full-size shopping bag from Bloomingdale's (and two file cabnets)...brimming with hundreds of verses, choruses, bridges and fully finished songs. Her lyrics reflect her life experiences, human behavior she's witnessed, and the bewitchingly romantic tales she tells through the characters she creates in her songs.

Born and raised in Northern California, Kalhn lives, writes and sings in Los Angeles.

Vocally, Kalhn's voice is rich & sultry, with a range, tone and dynamic control to die for. Her Alternative sound is just the right mix of old school pop music circa the late '60s and '70s contemporary Broadway show tunes.

Kalhn is currently working on a new album of her music and performing around L.A.

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Ryan Reiber (guitar)
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Kalhn Blake
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Los Angeles, CA