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Analyrical has been rapping since the age of 17 and hopes to continue for many more years to come. Originally born in Kansas, then transplanted to Saint Paul, then to Eau Claire and back, he has experienced many different environments in 25 years. Analyrical has opened for the likes of Tech N9ne, Brother Ali, Kanser, Big Quarters, and is one of the founding members of the Background Noise Crew.

His first time on recorded material was a mixtape, titled The Platter Mixtape. The Platter Mixtape showcased Analyrical’s versatility, penchant for punchlines and a way with words that only a battle tested rapper can carry along as stripes. During this time, Analyrical has beefed up his resume to be included as one of the many rappers featured on Grind Time, a national battling ground where he has been showcased and succeeded amongst many of his challengers. It was at this time that Analyrical laid a foundation to begin his debut, First Date.

First Date is a living testament to Analyrical’s life, showcasing his love for the scene, various dates and relationships gone wrong, and braggadocio filled rhymes that display Analyrical as a passionate writer, an aggressive MC’s worst nightmare, and all fields in between. Produced by Orikal (Graff Roots Media), Dimitry Killstorm, Phingaz (Background Noise Crew), B-Mc C, Arsenic, Ecid, Vividend (Sinthesis), Span Phly, and Katrah-Quey, First Date is a thrill ride from the way the words and phrases ooze from his cranium, to the production which proves to be consistent, thoughtful, and a dedication to Analyrical and his penchant for rapping

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