A new generation of genre that makes the community more and more crowded with increasing digging UP. The band began to form in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. In 2005, Dedra (guitar) and Dadan (drums) has more significant contribution in building the early days of the band. Following Darmo (Bass) and last Andry "crazy" (Vocals) joined. Remain dangerous dijalur Death Metal with the concept of a more stylish and cool new term heavy or school death metal! UP agreed digging flag used to represent some of the members therein. Digging UP! What is digging UP? Outline we want to back up, open a new, more leverage to work, have a clearer concept, dedicated higher against what is being cultivated at this time. Most of the digging member UP anxious to wreak revenge which caused dissatisfaction with his previous band. Likewise, Dedra, who are less able to support from other members so that the stagnant creating with his last band is pretty fierce, MENTULA. Then Dadan also resigned from the MUD. Similarly, Andry "crazy" that previously kept trying to evoke the original band Balance of Terror is finally dying was not helped until the band was buried for ever and had stopped also at IMPRECATORY Of Gods and neurotic. So basically, we just want to pour the remaining head of ideas and tangible results we are Savoring Veronicka In My Vein which was recorded at Studio Dialogue around October 2005. Inequality appears, some time after recording Savoring Veronicka In My Vein, Darmo backed with reasons for wanting to concentrate on his studies, Dadan also unplug it from the band. So, digging up the vacuum until finally Atenk Blast (Panic Disorder) becomes strong pillar positioned drums. Distance Atenk Blast in Bekasi an obstacle. UP digging can not work with the old. UP digging choose Ari (SUFFERAGE Injected, Bleeding Corpse) became a drummer. After concentrating long distudio in perfect formation around the existing track material, though not a consistent finding common ground, Ari released to be able to concentrate on Bleeding Corpse is somewhat more serious in making the album. Digging up again recruiting new members! Veby of Jihad given full confidence in the position of the drum, as well as Metropolitan of Slime Ball that will fill the bass position. Unfortunately Anel are so eager to get a job outside the island of Java, making it difficult for communication as well as a seemingly Veby of exercise a few times looks not so united. Finally, the despair of ever stopping slowly began to erode. After the vacuum! Dedra and Andrygila formed in mid 2007 after finding a new drummer. We are increasingly obsessed to provide evidence of a more insane by the MCD had terancang long time. After being reinforced by Sendris although not last long due to the concentration of split caused by the many bands that he inhabited. Got back to the vacuum at the beginning of 2008, joined Arief (drums) and Dani formation of a solid complement to the present. Before the release of the MCD, the bloodiest single "Imprecated Ritual Killing" included one of the most murder a local compilation album ... ... ... ... ... ..

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Dedra (Guitar) Arief (Drum) Wedra (Bass)
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Metal / Death Metal

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Bandung, ID
088802038533 [Arief]