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“Moonshine, a genre of music distilled from homegrown ingredients, with more personality than bulk barreled whiskey and a big 'fuck you' to the tax-man. Not aged for mellow mass consumption or filtered through the Nashville corporate pipeline, it arrives in box full of rattling glass jars, and flows straight down your gullet into the speakeasy in your heart.” -Axl Pabst

When the great David Alan Coe coined the phase "Redneck, Rock & Roll son of the South," he introduced a label that many good ol' boys have worn as a badge of honor, and I'm one of those good ol' boys. My name's John Hamhock (also known to my friends as Hamhocks, Hamms, Hammy, Hambone, etc.). I write from a place most blue collar folks can identify with. With as much love and respect for the two-steppin' honky-tonk of Buck Owens as for the gritty, rockin', boogie sound of AC/DC, I write songs about heartache and hell-raisin', drinkin' and dyin', and even a little love along the way.

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John Hamhock
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Country / Honky Tonk / Moonshine

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Gig Harbor, WA

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