Poetry in Motion is by far the best song I have ever written and the only one to ever get any kind of response. I'd like to thank Kate, (the pretty lady in my back drop) I wrote the song for her. I would really like to get a band together. I play bass so if you want to put something together holler at me.
I would like to thank Mark Renne for his guitar work on some of my songs. Mark has some good songs on his own site, you all should check him out.
I started off playing the bass in the early 90's in heavy metal bands. Ive always listened to and liked country music and as I get older I find myself drawn to it more than rock but my rock side is still there and always will be. I am a bass player mostly and i try to sing a little. I love writing country music and am as of recently a published poet. I hope you all like my music because there's no better feeling for me than for someone to tell me they like a song. I wish you all the best.
Dwight Yoakum is my favorite along with Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, Jamie Johnson, Jason Boland and Jackson Taylor. If you dont know those last 2 I highly suggest you check them out. Message me here or at tintinman10@yahoo.com

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