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The year 2006 was signalised by a remarkable incident, a mysterious and puzzling phenomenon, which doubtless no one has yet forgotten. For it marked the approximate time that one Mr. Daniel Rumsey, formerly of Dorset horror punk quartet Fall Victim, began comprising solo material so distinct from his previous writing as to provoke rumours which agitated the musical population and excited the public mind. Especially, it has been noted, in the interior of concert venues where several years of intimate acoustic sets formed the root of the beautifully twisted tree that, as of 2010, would become Dan Rumsey & the Bitter End.

Since then the band, which sees Rumsey joined by Dan Withey on the drums and Scott Pearce on bass, has developed a dynamic and melodic sound - though one which still evokes the American garage rock that brought the drummer-turned-guitarist into music in the late 90s. Discernable in Dan’s music are a range of influences which encompass artists as diverse as Alkaline Trio, Tom Waits, Nirvana, REM, Misfits, Interpol, Weezer, Modest Mouse and The Cure.

This year the band released their first single “Don’t Drown Yourself” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-LJCkNLfM8 to critical acclaim, with one critic opining that “Dan has proved with this single, and its music video, that he is an interesting and welcome addition to modern alternative music”*.

Now based in Brighton, the band is hoping to release a series of recently recorded EPs to coincide with shows this Autumn.

* Ben Smith http://ilovethesechords.tumblr.com/

"Dan is a pretty inspirational guy. Something about the unique way he see's the world comes across in his songs.
Claiming his own inspiration from 'The Great Beyond, Hotel Bars, Formal Dress Parties, Maps, Ocean Crossings and Disappointments' to name a few does something to set the scene for his music. On top of this years of playing in various bands as well as gigging as a solo artist have made him a seasoned and well versed performer.
In the studio he is always happy to explore the potential of his songs with no direction in particular which makes for some fascinating and beautiful soundscapes. From Horror Punk (a genre he introduced me to) to melancholy folk."
Olli Daffarn - 'One mind music' Producer

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Dan Rumsey, Scott Pearce, Dan Withey
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Dan Rumsey & The Bitter End
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Brighton/Bournemouth, UK