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Born in Quincy, FL
Raised in Tallahassee.
Been around the world…
Never forget where I’m from…

The Trail to T-Shaw’s Trending

The evolution of music needs a leader that will be transparent, one that will expose their soul within the sound. The reasons why T-Shaw, CEO of Shawstyle Productions has begun to trend like the latest diet fad, are due to his combination of southern simplicity, impervious intelligence, and his manifest of masculinity.

Most artists become musicians for the fame, money or both, however that isn’t the case with T-Shaw. T-Shaw ran his first business at 12 years old. His father decided one day that he’d rather be an entrepreneur instead of an employee, and he taught T-Shaw everything he knew about being self-sufficient. T-Shaw was born in Quincy, FL and raised in Tallahassee. Being the oldest of ten siblings, taught T-Shaw how to create diamonds in every moment of pressure.

“When people hear that I am from Florida, they think Disney World, palm trees
and South beach. This is far from that. Think dirt roads, rattle snakes, and fishing”

T-Shaw plays the piano, guitar, drums, even the French horn. He also speaks multiple languages including Spanish and Korean. Growing up, he participated in student government and played sports, but everything that he has ever become interested in always came after church. The church is a major impact on T-Shaw’s music. In fact, heavy bass lines like those in many gospel songs are saturated throughout his songs.

His debut single, “Live Throughout this Pain”, has been in regular rotation across multiple media outlets. T-Shaw revealed that the songs touches on how love changes, and the beauty in modifying and adjusting to appreciate the way things are, as they are in that moment. As a husband and a father of 4, T-Shaw uses his family life as another inspiration for his music. His song, “Precious”, was written at the hospital the day his daughter was born. He also wrote a song inspired by his own love experiences. His latest single, "Want'cha", is available now for downloading. Warning: the hook may get stuck in your head for days.

“Love is universal, and even church people can respect love and making it through an obstacle within love… I thought I was whole, I thought I knew all about love, but when my daughter was born, it was like something totally different. It was a love that I didn’t know existed”.

T-Shaw doesn’t just make great music, but he makes great business. Shawstyle Productions doesn’t just specialize in artist development, branding, marketing, and everything an aspiring artist needs for success. Shawstyle Productions deals with everything entertainment.

Shawstyle Productions has partnered with Shabazz Brotherz to bring a grand vision of boxing alive. Their goal was to bring Vegas, out of Vegas. Currently out of Baltimore, MD, the Boxing Renaissance (www.boxingrenaissance.com) has been hosting world championship boxing matches, with full entertainment packages. New and mainstream artist have performed during the matches of an average audience of 2000 people per boxing match. A signed artist under Shawstyle would have endless access to exposure.

It doesn’t stop with a boxing arena either. In York, PA T-Shaw also owns New Grounds Roasting Company. There hasn’t been a city that hasn’t felt the love between independent artists and a fresh brewed cup of coffee. Not only is the New Grounds Roasting Company (www.newgroundscoffee.com), a great venue to entertain a crowd of 300, but there is even more than coffee and music! Fashion shows, photo and video shoots, paint and wine nights, and more are all certified with the Shawstyle stamp!

T-Shaw is trending, but see for yourself why. In the past he has shared the stage with musical icon Freddie Jackson, once at the Tanyard Amphitheater in Quincy, FL and again at the Strand Capitol performing Arts Center in York, PA. He has serenaded at historical stages like the Hard Rock Café, and Warm Daddy’s in Philadelphia. For the summer of 16’ he's doing a “summer series” of shows. On July 1, August 5, and September 2 he will be sharing the stage with the “Love Guru of Comedy”, Troy Rawlings. On September 9th @ 8p.m., fans can make #TShawmusic trend even more while watching his live concert series on www.livefromcenterstage.com .

“I’m country! Everyone likes to pick at people from the country, but somehow they persist and survive. Since things are said to be slower, we have time to break things down, and you are able to see the simple patterns and the simple truths within things… and it comes out in my music. The stuff we are forced to hear as mainstream has no substance, to the point where when people are writing substantial things, they are tucked away”.

T-Shaw is trending, because he has dedicated his life, his music, and his business to those #SUBSTANTIALTHINGS.

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