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The Cd
Musicians are listed in alphabetical order and are a huge credit to the creation of the studio album.

John Avila: Bass, Background Vocals, Producer
Leila Avila: Background Vocals
Sammy Avila: Organ
Ben Frank: Background Vocals
Terry “T-Bone” Helie: Guitar, Instrumental Songwriter
Cisco De Luna: Lap Steel Guitar
Mitch Marine: Drums
Dave Raven: Drums
Lindsay Shelton: Vocals, Background Vocals, Lyrical and Instrumental Songwriter
Let’s get the record straight - this is about music. The kind of music that makes you want to live; really live. “For some, music is as necessary as food, or breath, or sex. I fall into that category.”, says Shelton, “Music is a constant to me. It is a force, and I need to get lost in that force every day.” The product of the clash between classic rock and an independent spirit, Shelton is a singer and a songwriter ready to turn the world’s ear on a dime. She is a believer in individuality and flaws, she is a believer in storytelling. “To write is to have a voice.”, she explains. Admittedly, a music romantic, Shelton has become a champion for the expressive and raw nature of a different era of Rock and Roll. An era before this artist’s thoughts ever entered the world. A lover of The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Janice Joplin, and even Etta James and Nina Simone, she has an energy that draws you in; a passion and honesty in her songs that can only be described as intoxicating. She is consumed by music, which in turn seems to consume those around her. “I simply want to feel and know exactly what is in my heart..”, Shelton confides.
Within her debut EP, voices and ghosts from music past seemingly mingle with an individual voice filled with life’s experiences. She, and this album, are hard to ignore. Through her words, her independent spirit shines true, and as she prepares to unveil her stories to the world, lyrics like, “I wear my wisdom like a badge of honor”, and, “I am just a contradiction built on many strong convictions” prove that spirit of hers comes with a sturdy backbone and a DIY brain. She is ready to build a world out of her own music. In a time where new bands and new music are so wildly accessible, Shelton, and her soaring vocals, intend to stand alone.
So who is she? She is a Texas native, an athlete by nature, an impressive drinker, a small town girl, a self proclaimed Theatre nerd, and (as she’ll tell you) most importantly an individual. Shelton’s earliest memories are of music. “My parents always played music. My mom sang in the church choir, the car, and the house- when she thought nobody was listening.” She smiles, “When I was a kid, my mom was in love with “Hell Freezes Over” by The Eagles. That is a huge part of what made me fall in love with songwriting.” Shelton found her own voice by consuming and studying all types of music, Classical, Musical Theatre, Folk, Blues, Rock’n’Roll, and then by performing anywhere she could.
Now living in California, she has played in bands throughout the LA music scene, and experienced magic on some of LA’s most mystical stages. “One of my favorite moments in this lifetime, so far, was playing The Troubador. It was the stuff dreams are made of made of.”, she beams. After learning and growing as a member of other bands, she seems almost surprised by the creation of her own project, “It has happened so naturally, and at it’s own pace. There has definitely been a lot of learning on my part. Everything about this process, and this album, has been about utilizing my own voice; standing on my own two feet. It’s exciting.” With the experiences of this project under her belt, she now looks to the future. To shows and tours, dreams of grandeur coming into fruition, and building her own musical legacy.
As for a band, it can be as simple as Shelton and a guitar, or as bold and loud as a full six piece rock band- she’s not picky. As for the songs, Shelton continues to write and consume music. “There’s always some moment in life to explore; something to talk about. It’s so cathartic to just say it.” The artist muses.
Live, Shelton’s voice and performance live up to the standards set in the studio. Shelton’s belief in live performances seems to make any stage her personal playground, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “As silly as it sounds, I am more comfortable on a stage than I am in any normal social situation. I am home up there.”

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