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"The MoonSpinners play a wide variety of music with a 60's-esque pop sensibility, ranging in style from rock and roll, soul, girl-group, French and Italian pop, lounge and even some garage rock and 70's punk. The MoonSpinners combine insouciance with sophistication -- and people love it! "

"The Moonspinners play rock and roll gems straight out of a record hound's desert island platter pack. Led by fresh faced Miss Annabella, The Moonspinners sound is a mix of hip shakin' soul, girl group, French and Italian pop, 70's punk, garage and lounge, with a bazillion twists and turns along the way. Their trick bag of originals also includes their own theme song! So, don't miss The Moonspinners as they streak through the galaxy, leaving astonished dance floors in their wake." -Lilli Dennison

"Perfect music for your mid-century moods" -DJ Vodka Twist

"The Moonspinners are the 'Mod Squad' of the Seattle music scene, churning out a tight, soulful, mix of 60s-esque pop tunes. Playing fast and often at venues all over Seattle, there's plenty of opportunity for you to catch one of Seattle's freshest and most entertaining acts. Watch for them! " -David Schanen

“The MoonSpinners are unlike any other band in the Northwest with their own special sound, it’s apparent that people appreciate their diversity. What other band would play The Saints and Lesley Gore in the same set? Dig it!” -Foamy B

“Utilizing a 60’s, swingy, Brill Building-esque sound, the MoonSpinners are well dressed throwbacks to a simpler time-a time of Nancy Sinatra boots and smoke filled rooms. Though they’re a band of today, they’re also a band of yesterday” –The Weekly Volcano

"The MoonSpinners play a blend of pop, punk and soul. Imagine an early 60s girl band singer defected and joined a garage band of the same era, with the sweet vocals complimented by Dave Clark Five style harmonies, jangly guitars that ain't afraid to scream, it's got backbeat you can't lose it, all with an edge fit for the late 70s post-punk scene." -Mark Pickerel

"Their music achieves many tiers of mood." -Loud Jacket Russ

"I dig you" -Steve Buscemi

Annabella Kirby - Vocals, Tambourine
Garth Brandenburg - Guitars
Tor Midtskog - Keyboard, Guitar
Hugh Jones - Bass
Kurt Fricke - Drums

The Moonspinners first gig was in a Capitol Hill speakeasy playing to drunks, dropouts and other members of the art crowd till wee in the morning. The MoonSpinners won over the crowd with their dynamic set of songs and unique stage presence. Feeling very much at home in this setting the MoonSpinners became regulars at this particular speakeasy, working out their songs, even though frequently halted by task master Tor for hitting a wrong note or arguing on what song to play next…the crowd seemed to enjoy this behavior. Their second gig was a gala party at the Seattle International Film Festival, in attendance was one Steve Buscemi, who’s film had just screened, he dug the MoonSpinners, they even asked him to join the band, but he lives in Brooklyn. Since then The Moonspinners have played at many high and low brow venues, clubs, restaurants, parties, museums, bars, galleries, book shops, record stores, speakeasys and festivals all over the Great Northwest..

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Band Members
Annabella Kirby-Vocals-Tamborine, Garth Brandenburg-Guitar, Tor Midtskog-Keys-Guitar, Hugh Jones-Bass, Kurt Fricke-Drums
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The Moonspinners
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Pop / Girl Group / Soul / Lounge / Punk

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Seattle, WA

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