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if you like what you hear and are serious about music, I would love to work with others on remixes and am also looking to be picked up by a label to help with the cause and keep me in the studio more where I make my passions turn to sound.
All live sets are currently done using ableton live with an apc 40 and small midi key controler. my songs are not made ahead of time, just the loops are. all timing changes and effects are done on the fly to make every performance original and with the vibe of the crowd in mind.
Men-Ji’s birth into the electronic music scene came about in New York City in the spring of 1998. He got his first exposure to the culture that would in time change his life forever. The pulsating sound he could hear walking down the street before he got to the club hypnotized him. Once inside it was like stepping into an alternate universe, full of lights, lasers, visual effects never seen before, and the sounds that will be stuck in his head for the rest of his life. He went head first into a new culture that altered his perception of the changing world around him.

Menji has had the honor of being on the bill with such acts as Adam X, Venom, Skylab 2000, X-Dream, DJ Circuit Breaker, Hectic, the list goes on…
In 2003 he started producing and remixing with his computer. The combination of producing and being a DJ was finally enough to get his fix. He finally had all the outlets he needed to fuel his creativity. All his spare time has been put into developing a unique and diverse sound. Every performance he has done has been an original piece of art that could never duplicated, diverse sets that have branched over every genre of electronic music that exists to this date.
for booking info please contact at:
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and I'd love to hear any mix sets with any of my songs in it to hear how others adapt my art to there own!

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Shickshinny, PA