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Born on October 29th, to what he would often call a "Third World situation" "When I say Third World, which I say often in my music, it's not meaning that where I'm from is third world, it's me relating the situations I grew up in as third world. There are slums and ghettos all across the world that can relate to being in a third world situation. It's me speaking for the less fortunate". October decided at a very young age that he wanted to better his situation, not only for himself, but for his family and the people close to him. But here's the twist...Growing up in the Caribbean Islands of the Bahamas, which is famous for it's Calypso, Reggae and Culture sounds do not bode well for an aspiring Hip Hop MC. That being said his situation could've also been seen as a gift. "Being around so many different types of music allowed me to delve into many genres and pick the things I liked and use it in my own music, It's like studying abroad", said Jay. Throughout his four years of college he excelled in the classroom and on the court, so much so that he was given many opportunities to play the sport that he loved since a child professionally. But like we can all relate to...things just never go the way we plan. "I've had opportunities to play professional basketball all over the world, and I tried effortlessly to do so, but God works in mysterious ways and I thank him for working in my life. He's placed me in the situation I'm in today. The same feelings I got when I stepped on the basketball court are the same feelings I get when I'm on the stage or behind the Mic". "Sometimes a better view comes from a different plane altogether", he said. To me this was the most important thing he's said, because it sheds light on the reason his fans feels so connected to him as an artist, because they've also been in those situations, we all have.
So it gives me great pleasure to be the first to introduce you the man himself JAY OCTOBER...It's been a pleasure.

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