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Pretty Simon From Perth, based out of St Petersburg, Florida, is an eclectic group with roots from around the globe.

American-born singer/songwriter/guitarist, Adam Shreve, found his start during high school in Singapore and carried on his musical arrangements, lyrical content and styling in such influential places as New York, Miami, Ottawa, Romania, and Libya. Vocalist Andrea Robinson, St Petersburg native, adds a strong presence while still keeping femininity in the sound. Self-taught musician/singer/songwriter, Giancarlo Capone, has the prodigy-esque talent of multi-instrument mastering, adding guitars, bass, keys, strings, and beats to the mix. Brad Tilbe, drummer, has been submerged in the musical community for over 20 years. His metal/punk influence creates an intense forthright that demands to be heard.

This four piece’s sound encompasses folk, pop, and progressive rock with a rough, yet delicate appeal. Playful lyrics and dreamy vocal melodies combined with an oddly smooth industrial foundation, create a unique, captivating new sound.

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Adam Shreve. . .Guitar, Lead Vocals. Andrea Robinson. . .Vocals. Giancarlo Capone. . .Guitar, Bass, Drums.
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Pretty Simon From Perth
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Rock / Indie / Alternative

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St Petersburg, FL