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Welcome to the world of Instrumental Chaos! Created, mixed, and produced by Brian Patrick McCarver (working under the artist name 'Brian M.'), a one-man musical wrecking machine driven by his one true passion in life...music, of course. Like his grandfather before him, Brian has had a classically-trained background since childhood, beginning with piano and now using the mother of all instruments (according to him, anyway), a keyboard synthesizer and complete workstation that has enabled him to compose and record his own instrumental saga. Over the years, Brian has developed a vast and diverse taste for many styles of music, and although he takes influence from many of his favorite artists, he has a very unique identity that sets him apart from any other. Brian does not like to put one label on this sound, rather a mix of various styles he has taken a strong liking to and incorporates them into one big clusterbomb of cacophony. However, the often angry, maniacal and morbid vibes the music is known to generate are capitalized with a dazzling blend of flair, precision, finesse and a high enjoyability factor.....Instrumental Chaos (IC) was born in 1998 that began as demo-casette recordings, using only a Yamaha PSR-510 keyboard and basic tape recorder. In 2001, Brian decided it was time for an upgrade and made his ultimate investment up to thus far by acquiring himself a Korg Triton synthesizer/workstation. The following year, his first official CD compilation for IC was made. He is currently recording the 31st album for his independent label, 'InfiniteChaos Recordings'. For the past decade, Brian has introduced his IC material to many people and has gained a near-unanimous positive response from music fans everywhere of various genres, and with every release they only become more supportive and consistent. Brian has no long-term plans for the recordings of IC, but hopes to contribute and share them with true fans and admirers of various music around the globe.....

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