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We do nothing but drink beer and throw sexy parties! Our lives are your fantasies! Filled with beautiful girls, sex, drugs, money, and fame. We're lying. We really sit around and drink by ourselves until we get a completely exaggerated sense of self worth. Then we get all these "great" song ideas and record them while they are still "great". A recording session is over as soon as one of us finds our head stuck in the toilet vomiting up "greatness". When we wake up in the morning we find that we recorded what slightly resembles a song! Success! We hurry and burn the song onto cd and run it over to Cooper's parents' house to put it on myspace (we can't afford food let alone the fucking internet at our apartment). Then, you likely slow, and surely self torturing people listen to it and make your own ears bleed. And that's how a stupid fucking idea becomes an even more stupid song! Fin.

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Band Members
Tom Foolery, J-BuX, Cooper, Hooha Malenko
Artist Name
Tom Foolery and the Foolz
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Comedy / Pop Punk / Rap / Crap

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Des Moines, IA
Mr. Russ Blacksmith

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